Worldcoin expects more companies to integrate in the coming months, says product head

    cointelegraph 2023-08-08 52769 views Trending
    The head of product at Tools for Humanity told Cointelegraph that Worldcoin is expecting more companies to integrate in the second half of the year.

    Hong Kong securities regulator warns of ‘criminal’ activity by unlicensed exchanges

    cointelegraph 2023-08-08 67950 views Trending
    Under the Securities and Futures Commission’s licensing regime, which started June 1, crypto firms offering services or operating in Hong Kong must comply with new requirements.

    The Bitcoin Masterclasses #7 tackles the limitations of sovereign nodes and blockchain

    coingeek 2023-08-07 75870 views Trending
    ​“There’s a lot of information already in government databases, and now we have to start migrating this,” Dr. Craig Wright said.In the fifth session of The Bitcoin Masterclasses Season #7, Dr. Wright describes some of the limitations of the “Sovereign Node” concept in blockchain. When advocating for a world built on blockchain, it’s important to remember these limitations need to be addressed. What are they?

    Israel aims for DAO regulation as it seeks regulatory control in Web3

    cointelegraph 2023-08-07 71488 views Trending
    After rolling out regulations for stablecoins and digital asset service providers, Israeli authorities are turning their attention to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

    Hong Kong’s Historic Moment: First Cryptocurrency Exchange with Retail Trading License

    coinwire 2023-08-05 50165 views Trending
    ​HashKey, an Asia-based cryptocurrency exchange, has received the first-ever license to offer crypto retail trading in Hong Kong. The approval comes as part of the city’s new administration’s efforts to foster growth in the cryptocurrency industry and establish Hong Kong as a prominent player in the global crypto market.

    Binance Surpasses 150 Million Users Despite Regulatory Lawsuits

    coinwire 2023-08-05 64830 views Trending
    Binance has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 150 million registered users, according to Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the co-founder, and CEO of the exchange. This remarkable feat comes amid an ongoing legal battle with U.S. regulators, highlighting the resilience and growth of the platform in the face of regulatory challenges. With Binance’s recent re-entry into Japan and the acquisition of a license in Dubai, the exchange continues to forge ahead despite the global regulatory scrutiny it faces.

    How to Buy Ether?

    coindesk 2023-08-04 41718 views Trending
    After bitcoin, ether is the best-known and widely used network in cryptocurrency. So if you're interested in buying an NFT or exploring other projects, you'll want to learn how to buy ether.

    What Is Ethereum?

    coindesk 2023-08-04 36814 views Trending
    Ethereum is the world’s second-largest crypto project by market capitalization and was the first to introduce smart contract functionality to the industry.

    Bitcoin ATMs: What You Need to Know Before Buying Bitcoin at an ATM

    coindesk 2023-08-03 75692 views Trending
    Buying crypto doesn’t have to involve dealing with complicated exchanges. In some places, there are ATM machines designed specifically for facilitating transactions.

    Why You Should Care About Litecoin: It's the Backbone of Dogecoin

    coindesk 2023-08-03 79600 views Trending
    Litecoin, a blockchain cloned from Bitcoin in 2011 that underwent a key milestone on Wednesday known as a “halving,” provides network security to Dogecoin via a process called “merged mining.” Dogecoin is a frequent social-media topic for Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

    How to actually spend your Bitcoin, Explained

    cointelegraph 2023-08-02 58158 views Trending
    Spending Bitcoin involves obtaining a wallet, acquiring Bitcoin, finding accepting businesses, making payments using wallet details or QR codes, waiting for transaction confirmation, and keeping records of transactions for accounting purposes.

    How to understand and interpret ChatGPT’s output

    cointelegraph 2023-08-02 55505 views AI
    Uncover how to understand and interpret ChatGPT’s output while staying mindful of its limitations.

    Banque de France outlines 3 potential models for wholesale CBDC in new report

    coingeek 2023-08-01 45319 views Trending
    ​Two years after its first report, the Banque de France has published a follow-up report from its wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilots.In its report, the French banking regulator noted that its 12 wholesale CBDC pilots indicated “operational feasibility and practical implementation.

    GAO wants US Congress to address blockchain regulatory gaps

    coingeek 2023-08-01 37798 views Policy
    ​The U.S. government’s top auditor has called on the Congress and federal regulators to address gaps in regulation for stablecoins and digital assets that aren’t securities.In a recent report, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) offered its perspective on blockchain use in finance and the legislative and regulatory actions needed to ensure comprehensive sector oversight.

    Ethereum is about to get crushed by liquid staking tokens

    cointelegraph 2023-07-31 42128 views Trending
    The popularity of liquid staking tokens could usher in a new age for Ethereum and the rest of cryptocurrency — and play a key role in the new bull market.

    How to use index funds and ETFs for passive crypto income

    cointelegraph 2023-07-31 59665 views Trending
    Index funds and ETFs offer attractive options for passive income investing, providing investors with diversified exposure to various crypto assets.

    US House Committees Advance Bipartisan Bills to Regulate Crypto Industry

    coinwire 2023-07-29 35701 views Policy
    The House Financial Services Committee has made a landmark decision by advancing crypto-specific bills independently, aiming to establish a comprehensive legal framework for cryptocurrencies and address blockchain-related issues. The bills, H.R. 4763 and H.R. 1747 will now be presented to the full House of Representatives for a vote. The move comes amidst increasing concerns about regulating digital assets, with the FTX exchange incident influencing the discussions.

    The Ups and Downs of Dogecoin: A Look at Recent Trends and Predictions

    coinwire 2023-07-29 76031 views Trending
    The world of cryptocurrencies has seen numerous twists and turns, and one of the most intriguing characters in this episodic drama is Dogecoin. Emerging from the shadows of Bitcoin and Ethereum, $DOGE has carved a niche for itself, thanks to its resilient traders and vibrant online community. Today, we’re going to scrutinize the recent volatility in $DOGE’s price, its potential double-bottom trend, and the potential outcomes if it can overcome the $0.1 resistance level.

    War on cryptocurrency crimes continues: DOJ merges teams to intensify crackdowns

    coingeek 2023-07-28 33040 views Trending
    If you thought we’d seen the end of crackdowns against the rampant crime in the digital currency industry, it’s time to think again.This week, the principal deputy assistant attorney general for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Nicole Argentieri, announced that the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) would merge with the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team (NCET) in a bid to give the latter more resources.

    The economics of a free mint

    coingeek 2023-07-28 59401 views NFT
    How a buyer feels after purchasing an NFT is likely correlated with its secondary market price and if they can profit. If a buyer bought at the initial sale price or on the secondary market, and the floor price of the NFT collection dropped below that, they likely have a negative feeling. What if this conundrum could just go away?
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