• Advertising space
  • The first to fourth banner on the home page(size: 340px * 140px)

    The advertising bar at the bottom of the home page is from the first to the fourth(size: 280px * 116px)

    The advertisement bar on the right side of the express column is the first to the fourth(size: 340px * 70px)

    Only one banner on the front page of each main column(size: 1200px * 165px)

    Advertisement bar at the bottom of each main column, position 1 to 4(size: 280px * 116px)

    HZD Flash:
    7 articles released in a week
    52 articles issued in a year

    HZD News:
    2 articles published in a week
    24 articles published in a year

    HZD currency to currency to exchange directly:
    The currency market on the home page and the newsletter page directly jumps to the currency pair display of the designated exchange(size: 340px * 140px)

    HZD Publicity quotation

    Type Entry name Cooperation content Unit Form Price/USD
    News Releases All column flash (PC/APP) Item Express within 200 words 1,000.00
    Video news Item Within 400 words 3,000.00
    Brand promotion Community promotion WeChat group (21 industry ecological groups) Item No more than 150 words each 1,000.00
    FB/Tiwtter Item No more than 150 words each 1,000.00
    Advertisement Advertising space First page header Month Each advertising space 6,000.00
    First page footer Month 3,000.00
    Column Page Header Month 4,000.00
    End of column page Month 2,000.00