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Bitcoin Treasuries{{brandList.timestamp}}
{{coinActive}} $ {{brandList.unit}} W $ $/Degrees
cycle produce Electricity electricity fees net profit
Day ${{outCountCny(1)}}
{{outCount(1)}} {{coinActive}}
{{power(1)}} kWh ${{powerFire(1)}} ${{profit(1)}}
Week ${{outCountCny(7)}}
{{outCount(7)}} {{coinActive}}
{{power(7)}} kWh ${{powerFire(7)}} ${{profit(7)}}
Month ${{outCountCny(30)}}
{{outCount(30)}} {{coinActive}}
{{power(30)}} kWh ${{powerFire(30)}} ${{profit(30)}}
Year ${{outCountCny(365)}}
{{outCount(365)}} {{coinActive}}
{{power(365)}} kWh ${{powerFire(365)}} ${{profit(365)}}
Percentage of electricity
{{proportion}} %
Shutdown currency price ${{coinbin}}
Return time Static return period is {{reversion}} day
Note: The difficulty change is not considered in this calculation. Since mining revenue is greatly affected by off-site factors such as mining machinery and site power, the data is only for reference of miners.