With BSC empowerment, what are the ways Torum can play in the combination of DeFi and NFT?

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What does BSC+DeFi+NFT+Socialization look like?

Each concept has been very popular recently, whether it is a high-performance BSC, DeFi and NFT that have been proven by the market, or a social platform that attracts users to participate. At present, Torum, which has already gained a certain degree of enthusiasm overseas, combines these popular concepts.

How does Torum work and how to maximize the value of the platform?

On April 16th, the Beep Big Coffee Show invited Mr. Wu Yifeng, the founder and CEO of Torum, to talk about how Torum can play DeFi+NFT.

1. Please Mr. Wu Yifeng briefly introduce Torum. As a one-stop social ecosystem, what are the main products?

Wu Yifeng: Torum is a social platform specially designed for the cryptocurrency industry. In addition to the various unique cryptocurrency social functions in the platform, we will also launch the DeFi pledge platform and NFT mall in Q2 and Q3 this year to build Torum into a social + DeFi + NFT cryptocurrency user social ecosystem. In the future, Torum will continue to launch products such as "virtual mining games" on the platform to allow platform users to enjoy an unprecedented "cryptocurrency social experience".

At present, nearly 30,000 user groups mainly come from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and other Western countries, as well as Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

2. Why did Torum choose to build on BSC? Have you considered multi-chain deployment?

Wu Yifeng: In the initial stage of Torum products, our team originally planned to build some applications of Torum on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the recent market craze caused by DeFi and NFT has caused the network congestion of the Ethereum blockchain and high transaction fees. In addition, the BSC blockchain has a compatible EVM, lower transaction fees, and shorter block confirmations. The characteristics of time and so on, so we finally chose BSC as our foothold.

Speaking of multi-chain deployment, our team is currently actively developing the cross-chain currency transfer function of BSC x ETH, so that users can implement the multi-chain currency transfer function in Torum's DeFi platform. In the future, depending on market conditions, we will also deploy to the HECO chain like Huobi.

3. As a social project on the BSC chain, what can users do through Torum, and what benefits can users get through the Torum social platform?

Wu Yifeng: From a social perspective, users can track high-quality content creators on the platform, quickly obtain a variety of rich cryptocurrency-related information and content, and make friends with colleagues from all over the world. KOLs can settle in the platform to build and operate a fan group, and shape their own brand and image in the industry. In addition, the project party can also set up their own official account on the platform.

From the perspective of incentives, users on the Torum social platform can obtain platform currency XTM as a reward for providing value to the platform by completing various types of social tasks. Creators who produce high-quality content will also receive various exquisite gifts from fans on the platform, such as "Doge CEO", "Moon and Lamborghini", "Satoshi Nakamoto's Gift", etc., so as to get more Many XTM rewards.

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