How to empower Metaverse Will the public chain be the core infrastructure of Metaverse?

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2021 is also called the "Meta Universe First Year". In this year, the whole world is talking about Meta Universe. Internet giants, game companies, and start-up companies have all laid out Meta Universe. Facebook even announced that it was renamed "Meta". , The meta-universe craze once rushed to a new height. Many people in the industry predict that Metaverse will become a new way of life for mankind in the future.

However, for the blockchain industry, how to empower Metaverse has always been the focus of the community. From the current point of view, it seems that the vast majority of Meta universe products have chosen to deploy on the public chain of the Ethereum blockchain. As we all know, Ethereum has problems such as high gas fee, slow confirmation speed, block size limitation, etc., and the problem of network bandwidth has even damaged the development of some projects on Ethereum. Not only that, it is extremely difficult to deploy complex smart contracts such as purchasing NFTs and minting coins, and sometimes it is even necessary to pay ten times more Ethereum miners' fees than in the past. This makes ordinary users unable to bear the transaction costs when conducting small transactions in the metaverse. . So from the current point of view, due to lack of infrastructure, Metaverse can only stay in the conceptual stage, and many applications cannot be widely used.

Therefore, it seems impractical to "rely on" Ethereum as a single public chain to carry such a large transaction and ecological application of Metaverse. The industry urgently needs to support the development of Metaverse through the coexistence of multiple chains.

We are delighted to see that the encryption industry has already begun to try to solve these problems. Some blockchains have begun to upgrade their public chains and cooperate with each other to complete the construction of cross-chain highways. You know, in today's meta-universe world, only those who have the public chain can get the world. Driven by the meta-universe boom, competition in the public chain industry is bound to intensify.

At present, the mainstream public chains in the market have their own advantages in terms of consensus mechanism and energy consumption. Some of the throughput is amazing, can support a large number of users, and have good scalability and efficient smart contracts, so that applications can have more deployment methods; some public chains benefit from reliable network structure and user assets , Intrinsic value, and the reward distribution mechanism brought by a higher degree of decentralized consensus provide developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment. Developers can freely build decentralized applications, including DeFi products and DAPP , Digital assets, etc.

In addition, some public chains have cross-chain modules, which can simply and efficiently realize the value interconnection of various blockchains, thereby jointly building an ecosystem and value-added system, and opening up greater imagination for the future expansion of Metaverse.

In fact, one of the biggest problems that currently plague the development of Metaverse is the problem of "ecological islands". Many projects developed within Metaverse are often restricted to a certain blockchain, and it is difficult to capture resources on other blockchains. And users. Through the cross-chain module, NFT and other digital assets can achieve efficient docking, which not only increases the value of each blockchain at the same time, but also achieves the purpose of "user interoperability". Some meta-universe head projects can also be transported to other blockchains to reach a wider audience of users and communities, and ultimately realize the mutual benefit of the entire meta-universe ecology.

Public chain empowers the meta universe

The basic characteristics of the blockchain include tamper-resistant, open and transparent, P2P payment, etc., which makes smart contracts have outstanding features such as openness, transparency, automation, programmable, and verifiable, so that they do not need to be verified on the premise of a third-party verification platform. Perform trusted interactions on the chain. Due to its natural "decentralized value transfer" feature, blockchain technology will provide Metaverse with payment and clearing functions that seamlessly fit into the virtual space of the network. The economic system is the key to the large-scale and lasting operation of the metaverse. If the financial system in the metaverse is built on the blockchain, then the characteristics of smart contracts can be used to make the contract verifiable, traceable, and trustworthy. , Procedural and non-custodial methods for decentralized operation, thereby greatly reducing the possible harmful behaviors such as rent-seeking, corruption, and black-box operations in the financial system. It can be widely used in finance, social networking, games and other fields.

In fact, the public chain is like the "natural matrix" of the meta universe. By connecting functions and services such as scenarios, data, transactions, and virtual assets, these previously seemingly isolated functions can play a greater role in it. Although Metaverse has attracted a lot of attention at present, it is undeniable that compared to the broader Internet market, its volume is still small, which means that there are still large-scale users who have not yet entered this field. With the entry of some new public chains, the barriers to access and experience of Metaverse have been effectively lowered, which in turn injects more vitality into this emerging field. Of course, some public chains themselves have huge ecological resources, and of course they will also give a better boost to the development of Metaverse. On the contrary, Metaverse will also provide "fresh blood" to the public chain encryption ecology, especially the users from the arts, sports, collection and other industries accommodated in Metaverse can further expand the scale of public chain ecological users, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.

Have you ever imagined the scene of living in the meta-universe? Through virtual reality equipment, we can immerse ourselves in the meta-universe, socializing, working, living, or playing games. We can even pass through the shuttle gate of the parallel universe, and after paying a certain shuttle fee, we can visit, entertain or work in other parallel universes.

Not only that, but there are also some meta-universe designs that cover a large number of buildings for auction. The highest price can be sold, and advertisements and other functions can be posted on it. Interestingly, there are some architectural designs of the project party that will allow users to participate in ratings and voting to increase popularity and achieve more airdrop opportunities. At the same time, the project party can freely assemble and build chambers of commerce, hold a series of discount promotions or consumer coupons, etc., to stimulate user interaction on the chain and generate healthy competition. The project building can also be updated and upgraded at any time, but it will take a certain amount of time and decoration costs.

In the meta-universe, the interactive data on the chain can be intuitively felt. All the data on the chain can be visualized and given ecological life. Every transaction is an ecological creation. Transportation systems, urban construction, land resources, public buildings, etc. are all well displayed. Users can participate in the construction of the personal world, design their own cities, and automatically rank them according to their prosperity. Ecological projects will also have growth models. The ecological cycle will experience growth, prosperity, precipitation, etc., each project will have a sense of visibility and experience in the meta universe, and each project needs to position its own project. The positioning direction is based on the business structure of the meta universe. To constitute.

On the public chain, every wallet address is the origin of a parallel meta-universe, and every interaction on the chain is the creation of a meta-universe world. Users can have a clear overview of their own life accounts in the meta universe and can provide "life" suggestions. Through the construction of "parallel universe", users' daily input and output in DeFi are very clear. Through daily record of bills, users can understand their own profits and losses.


There is no doubt that the collective virtual shared space of "Meta Universe" will be a large-scale platform for carrying human virtual activities in the future, as well as a new way of life in the future. In the future, the development of Metaverse will definitely be the result of the revolution of all virtual reality technologies including the Internet, information, VR, and game engines. At the same time, it will also use advanced blockchain technology to integrate multiple digital technologies such as NFT and DeFi. The financial model has constructed a brand new virtual digital world for mankind.

We must know that the most important technical pillar of the meta universe is the blockchain, because in the "meta universe", all links including creation, exchange, consumption, etc. are carried out in the digital world, and people can be displayed and socialized in the digital world. , Games, creation, entertainment, and trading. As the infrastructure, the blockchain will provide smart contracts and economic solutions for the metaverse, and then better empower the metaverse.

Recently, Internet giants in China and the United States have continued to increase the "Meta Universe", showing a new business outlet combining capital and technology. However, it is worth noting that the current hype about the concept of NFT and meta universe has spread to listed companies and the secondary market. This kind of hype is undesirable. The blockchain industry should focus more on the underlying infrastructure and seriously think about how to empower the metaverse and bring real value to users. Under the wind, only those public chains that rely on deep accumulation in technology, mechanism, gameplay, and ecology, as well as multiple layouts, can gain a place in the meta-universe world.

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