Why we need Bitcoin?

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In hundreds of places,Bitcoin has been called evil,and there has been talk of banning it. But the turth we have known is that Bitcoin has thereby become much stronger and more popular.

The monetary system was invented by the people, like the written and spoken word and language.  However,government has normally taken control of the right of produce and legalize it. And they are accustomed to conferring value on commodity and to forbid it,to encourage men to obey the stystem , and to convince them that their economic system is so fair.

Bitcoin is proof that it is possible to speak very clearly and still have government in the world clamoring against it. That ‘s power struggle. So ,although Bitcoin had made government began to concerned to solve the problems of our monetary system as soon as possible ,it still need to strive twice or three times as hard to justify itself.

Could we say that all of Bitcoin's enemies are extremely primitive men? That’s not right,but those people who judge the novelty only by its unknown effects is truly unwise. In many countries,even the wisest of people often act like those fools who do not consider that a digital good or cryptocurrency can have real intrinsic value. Sometimes people misunderstand the things  which need people to exceed traditional thinking to understand it.

Although modern technology has made designing a computer program as easy as drinking a cup of coffee, modern people are still not sure whether everyone can talk about money, the economy, wealth and the monetary system.that’s the reason why we need Bitcoin and why Bitcoin has its own legitimacy-decentralization.

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