Visa cooperates with 60 encryption platforms, 80 million merchants support digital currency

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Visa cooperates with 60 encryption platforms, 80 million merchants support digital currency


Visa develops crypto ecosystem

In an interview on Monday, Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s head of crypto business, talked about his achievements in the field of cryptocurrency.

He said: Visa’s work in the cryptocurrency field is rapidly expanding. The number of employees participating in the cryptocurrency market in Visa has reached hundreds. In the past 18 months, the number of cryptocurrency platforms we cooperate with has doubled, and now it has Reached 60. Sheffield stated:

There are currently more than 60 encryption platforms that we cooperate with, such as FTX, Blockfi,, Coinbase and Binance. At present, 80 million merchants worldwide support cryptocurrency payments.

At these merchants, consumers can easily switch to digital currency payment. At the checkout, the merchant directly accepts the encrypted currency. After the merchant accepts the encrypted currency, the background will directly convert the encrypted currency into legal currency. Whether it is offline or online, it can be as simple as using Visa transactions.

The Visa executive also stated that the company will launch a cryptocurrency advisory service in India in December.

Visa's goal is to provide our encryption consulting services to customers around the world. Currently, we only provide encryption services in areas permitted by regulations.

The head of Visa's cryptocurrency believes:

We hope to provide channels for our 80 million merchants and more than 15,000 financial institutions to connect to the crypto ecosystem.

He concluded by saying: We have made a lot of efforts in the field of cryptocurrency, and we will continue to support the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a variety of ways.

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