Three major US stock indexes fell, China Education stocks collectively fell

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On November 16, Capital State learned that as of the close of business on November 15, local time, the three major U.S. stock indexes fell slightly. The Dow fell 12.86 points to 36087.45 points, a decrease of 0.04%; the Nasdaq fell 7.11 points to 15,853.85 points, a decrease of 0.04%; the S&P 500 index fell 0.05 points to 4682.8 points, a decrease of 0.0011%.

Large technology stocks rose by 0.01%, Google-A fell 0.15%, Microsoft fell 0.19%, Meta rose 1.96%, Amazon rose 0.58%, and Netflix fell 0.48%.

Bank stocks were mixed. Goldman Sachs fell 0.02%, Wells Fargo rose 0.24%, Bank of America rose 0.3%, Citigroup fell 0.61%, JP Morgan Chase fell 0.18%, and Morgan Stanley rose 0.36%.

New energy auto stocks were mixed. Tesla fell 1.94%, Rivian rose 14.94%, Xiaopeng Motors fell 2.12%, Ideal Motors fell 1.81%, NIO fell 4.92%, Faraday Future rose 7.18%, and Lucid Group rose 2.16 %.

China Education stocks collectively fell, New Oriental fell 3.18%, Good Future fell 3.64%, Master Education fell 5.36%, and Gaotu fell 1.92%.

Most popular Chinese concept stocks fell . Baidu fell 1.11%, Alibaba fell 0.16%, JD fell 1.55%, Pinduoduo fell 3.82%, Bilibili fell 0.81%, Vipshop fell 0.15%, and iQiyi fell 4.51% , NetEase rose 0.03%.

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