Three Arrows Capital transferred back 91,000 ETH from the exchange! Founder: There will be more Ethereum

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According to Etherscan data, in the past 48 hours, nearly 91,477 ETH (currently valued at approximately US$400 million) were transferred from FTX, Binance, Coinbase and other exchanges to the wallet of Three Arrow Capital within two days, of which 77,400 ETH The transactions even happened intensively within two hours.

Although the transfer of funds from the exchange to the wallet does not mean that Three Arrows Capital has invested 400 million US dollars to buy ETH, but this behavior is inconsistent with the previous behavior of Zhu Su, the founder of Three Arrows, to abandon the flag of Ethereum. Therefore, Immediately aroused the attention of the community.

Didn’t they give up Ethereum? Don’t believe their speech, believe their behavior and other community discussions are getting hot, Zhu Su appeared in the Chinese self-media "Wu Shuo Blockchain" at 8:33 pm without warning. Below the tweet of the incident, and responded: Listen, I can't let you guys watch the fire burning without me. Ethereum L1 is still unavailable to newcomers. If you don’t believe it, you can show it to your grandmother. I try to buy in any panic selling, like obv this week. 100,000 ETH is just a small case, and more will be coming soon.

In fact, as early as 4:31 pm on the 7th, Zhu Su suddenly left a mysterious number of 8888888883883.88 on Twitter. Many fans speculated that this was a number he used to buy different cryptocurrencies. Then Zhu Su at 7 in the evening: At 15 o'clock, the price trend chart of Bitcoin (BTC) was posted again, which seems to imply that the current BTC price is relatively low. At 9:1 in the evening, Zhu Su said that the price of cryptocurrency was so low this weekend that even banks would call the price an over-the-counter transaction and try to enter the market.

It seems that as Zhu Su said, the act of transferring a large amount of funds this time is a dip in the cryptocurrency market, but it is still unable to confirm whether San Arrow Capital really bought or just transferred funds.

Where did the anti-Ethereum stance come from?

As previously reported, Zhu Su had a dispute with Synthetix founder Kain on Twitter on November 20. The latter stated that many early predecessors he respected had dismantled ETH in order to maximize profits. The bewildered will return when the ETH2.0 pledge is unlocked. Zhu Su suddenly opened the battlefield, attacking Kain and selling a bunch of coins, buying property and buying a luxury house in Australia.

The next day after the two parties refuted the fire, Zhu Su described the current ecosystem culture of Ethereum on Twitter by sitting on the side twitching and watching everything burn. He said that he had abandoned Ethereum and transferred the value contract. The US$79.23 million in ETH went to the exchange and was suspected to be ready to get out. This caused a turmoil in the community, and even caught V God himself in response.

Although Zhu Su apologized at 7pm on the same day, saying that his words were too radical and that there are many great teams dedicated to optimizing Ethereum on L2, but he still said that he hopes to see the roadmap of eth1x and also expects the upgrade of Ethereum. You can consider the welfare of users instead of those who hold ETH.

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