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Earlier in 2021 when the team behind Puffy Finance came together, the idea was to solve the major problems and challenges DeFi protocols have been silently battling over the years – one of which is most common and popular ones, sudden price dumps and the in-ability to inter-operate and scale up operations. This solution gave birth to the Puffy Finance Ecosystem Project

Puffy Finance will not only be leveraging on the sovereignity and scalability of Polygon Network alone, This deflationary governance token will also be the key to unlock a wide array of functionalities and features of its own decentralized ecosystem.

With APYs ranging from 400% to as high as it could possibly get, Puffy Finance will also provide seamless integration with all 3rd party ecosystem and Ethereum EVM compatible apps & solutions too.

Below are some of the products and features of the Puffy Finance Ecosystem:
The DeFi & Yield Farming on Puffy Finance will be bringing the most innovative and first ever fully robust Layered Farming platform to the Polygon Network.

This next-generation DeFi yield farming model gives holders and all participants of the Puffy Finance ecosystem more options to diversify their strategy.

It’s more like having extra farming layers such that new layers can be called new names for example PUFFY1, PUFFY2, PUFFY3….PUFFYn structured in such a way that if you have PUFFY1, you can easily get PUFFY2 and whatever PUFFY1 you used to earn PUFFY2 will be burnt thereby eliminating it completely from circulation.

This innovative methodology keeps the ecosystem constantly evolving and growing while ensuring holders can consistently earn passive revenue through yields, rewards and other amazing financial features/options provided by the Puffy Finance ecosystem.

With Layered Farming, everybody wins!

Other key features and functionalities to expect from the ecosystem includes:

The PUFFY SWAP, Users can swap & trade tokens, Enjoy great yield & APYs. Users can also farm LP tokens, earn $MATIC, $PUFFY & other listed assets.
The pNFT Metaverse Support & Marketplace is built for creators & investors. Will support the virtual environments & Smart Metaverse NFT & VR environment auctions & collectibles.
While the Puffy Launchpad will be focused on helping new Play to Earn games & Polygon projects with fund-raising, audits, project incubation, marketing & guidance to boost & enhance project success


Total Supply: 50,000,000
50% total supply burned to manage circulating supply to increase value and price
30% of deposit fees will be used for marketing, development & promotions
20% of deposit fees will be used to buy-back and burn tokens to reduce supply
20% of deposit fees will be used for liquidity & be added to dividend pools
20% of deposit fees will be used for holders fee & redistributed to holders of $PUFFY
10% of deposit fees will be rewarded to team for miscellaneous & allowances.

Sales Price: 1 PUFFY ≈ 0.05 USD ≈ 0.02816 MATIC (1BNB ≈ 12,000 PUFFY)
Start Date: 30-11-2021
End Date: 12-12-2021
IEO Platform – IndoEx
Confirmed Exchanges – IndoEx – IEO & Listing Confirmed
Upcoming Exchange Listings – P2PB2B, Hotbit, Cointiger, Probit, MEXC
Team Doxxed & IEO Featured On – ICOHolder, Foundico, Coincheckup amongst others
Listing soon on – Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Coinpaprika & More

Security checks carried out and contract is fully audited. The Puffy Finance App Launch V1 For Staking & Farming is scheduled to launch December 31st – 2021 and will allow holders of the $PUFFY tokens to start earning $MATIC and other crypto assets available in the Puffy yield farms and dividend pools.

Liquidity will also be locked for 2-years to protect and prioritize investors interest, create a stable and balanced market.

Don’t miss out on this gem and join us as we build a balanced and long term healthy ecosystem with positive impact on the DeFi space & crypto industry at large.

To participate, Make sure to follow Puffy Finance official channels for updates and instructions on how buy.

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