This DeFi founder explains why all users need a multi-chain

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CryptoSlate recently had the opportunity to chat with Emile, the co-founder and CEO of multi-chain DeFi wallet XDEFI.

XDEFI Wallet’s Chrome extension is engineered to deliver the fastest possible experience for DeFi and NFTs. Unlike its competitors, it achieves this through native integrations with nine blockchains, proprietary gas pricing algorithms to ensure users never miss a block, and by automatically adding new token contracts to users’ wallets.

Émile was in traditional finance working for Bloomberg and Reuters before moving into tech. He launched XDEFI Wallet with co-founder David in August 2020 whom he met after being hired by BCG to participate in the launch of Blockchain ventures for the De Beers group. Since then, XDEFI Wallet has grown from a team of four to around 35 and has a user base of over 70k.

Interview with Emile, XDEFI CEO & Co-Founder
What is the professional background of the XDEFI founders and what is their previous experience in crypto or DeFi?


What problem is XDEFI solving? Why do DeFi users need a multichain wallet?


How many people are working on XDEFI and where is the team located?


Does XDEFI have any notable partnerships?

Which types of DeFi users would benefit from using the XDEFI wallet?


What is the biggest pain point for DeFi users who are managing multiple DeFi wallets across multiple chains?


Where do you see the XDEFI ecosystem over the next few years? What will be the major milestones?


What is the utility of the XDEFI token?


What can you tell us about the XDEFI product roadmap?

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