The youngest congressman in American history proposes a proposal: congressmen should not invest in cryptocurrencies and stocks

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the youngest Democratic congressman in U.S. history, said that in order to be fair and just and avoid any possible conflicts of interest, she does not have Bitcoin, nor will she hold cryptocurrencies or any stocks. , And think that other Members should do the same.

"I want to complete my work in an ethical and fair manner as much as possible," Casio Cotez said.

In addition, Ocasio Kotez proposed to make it illegal for members of Congress to buy and sell shares of individual companies. She is preparing to propose a cross-party bill with other members of parliament to prohibit parliamentarians and their staff from holding stocks.

She explained that as a member of the House Financial Services Committee, it is inappropriate for her to hold Bitcoin or other digital assets, because lawmakers have access to sensitive information and upcoming policies, so she chose not to hold any stocks. In this way, fairness can be maintained in policy making.

Casio Kurtez likes to use the abbreviation AOC to call himself. Since she was elected to office in 2019, she has been advocating for the rich to pay more taxes. She was also verbally attacked by Republican lawmakers who called her a fucking bitch. Ocasio Kurtez is unwilling to show weakness and counterattack condemning the culture of sexism, which she believes is also a common behavior among men, including former US President Trump.

Members of Congress are currently allowed to buy and sell stocks and other investments in their terms, but they are also subject to the “Congressional Knowledge Stop Trading Act” or “Stocks Act” passed in 2012, which requires them to report any trading or within 30 to 45 days Exchange over 1,000 U.S. dollars. However, many federal judges and lawmakers did not truthfully disclose these investments.

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