The three major U.S. stock indexes all fell by more than 1%, Tesla hits a new low in nearly two months

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December 21, Eastern time on Monday, the three major US stock indexes fell more than 1%, the Dow fell more than 400 points. Caterpillar and Traveller Group fell nearly 3%, Goldman Sachs and Nike fell about 2.6%, leading the Dow. New energy vehicles, solar energy ( 000591 ), hydrogen energy and other sectors collectively lost weight, and Tesla fell 3.5%, a record low in the past two months.

At the close, Road Jones Industrial Average fell 433.28 points, or 1.23%, reported 34932.16 points; NASDAQ index fell 188.74 points, or 1.24%, reported 14980.94 points; S & P 500 index fell 52.62 points, or 1.14% reported 4568.02 point.

Most major technology stocks in the US fell. Apple fell 0.81%, Amazon fell 1.73%, Netflix rose 1.19%, Google fell 0.08%, Facebook fell 2.5%, and Microsoft fell 1.2%.

Wall Street banking stocks lower across the board, JP Morgan Chase fell 1.85%, down 2.67% Goldman Sachs, Citigroup fell 2.13%, Morgan Stanley fell 1.86%, US Bank fell 1.65%, Wells Fargo fell 2.29%.

U.S. anti-epidemic stocks were mixed. Moderna fell 6.25%, Gilead Sciences rose 0.36%, Novavax Pharmaceuticals fell 7.07%, BioNTech fell 4.19%, and Pfizer rose 2.66%.

Most popular Chinese concept stocks fell. Bilibili fell 11.63%, Alibaba fell 5.79%, Pinduoduo fell 5.65%, iQiyi fell 5.44, Jingdong fell 4.01%, NetEase fell 3.70%, Baidu fell 3.19%; Finance One Accounts fell 11.40%, Uxin fell 10.97%, Shell fell 10.59%, Manbang Group fell 10.39%, Zhihu fell 9.70%, Litchi fell 9.39%, Worry-Free English fell 8.27%, Douyu fell 8.15%, Huya Live Down 7.96%, Didi Chuxing down 6.05%, New Oriental down 5.09%; new energy auto stocks generally fell, Weilai fell 6.13%, Ideal Motors fell 5.64%, Xiaopeng Motors fell 5.36%; Dingdong Maicai rose 3.71%. Tiandihui rose 2.20% and Weibo rose 0.51%.

In terms of European stocks, the three major European stock indexes closed down across the board. The UK FTSE 100 index reported 7198.03 points, down 71.89 points, or 0.99%; France’s CAC40 index reported 6870.10 points, down 56.53 points, or 0.82%; Germany’s DAX index reported 15239.67 points. , Fell 292.02 points, or 1.88%.

In other markets, on Monday, local time, the Istanbul 100 Index rose by more than 3% after the opening, but then turned down. The Istanbul 100 Index fell 5% in the afternoon local time, and the exchange immediately suspended stock trading. After the reopening of trading, the stock index continued to fall, and after a fall of more than 7%, a secondary circuit breaker was triggered. Since then, the fall has narrowed to 1.35%.

In terms of foreign exchange in Turkey, the Turkish lira has staged a roller coaster against the US dollar. According to CCTV News, on Monday local time, after Turkish President Erdogan announced a series of measures to deal with exchange rate fluctuations and high inflation, the exchange rate of the lira against the US dollar and the euro quickly appreciated by more than 20%. Since September, the Central Bank of Turkey has lowered its benchmark interest rate by 500 basis points, each of which has further depreciated the lira. Since the beginning of this year, the Turkish lira has continued to depreciate, and the lira has depreciated against the US dollar by more than 55%.

International oil prices fell. WTI's January crude oil futures closed down 2.63 US dollars, or 3.71%, to 68.23 US dollars per barrel on the expiry delivery day. WTI February crude oil futures closed down 2.98%, at US$68.61 per barrel. Brent's February crude oil futures closed down 3.00 US dollars, or 4.08%, to 71.52 US dollars per barrel. U.S. oil once fell more than 6% before, and the largest drop of nearly 6% in the oil distribution plate.

International gold prices fell, COMEX February gold futures prices fell 10.3 US dollars to close at 1794.6 US dollars? Ounces, a decrease of 0.57%.

The U.S. dollar index fell. As of the end of New York trading, the U.S. dollar index, which measures the U.S. dollar against six major currencies, fell 0.02% to 96.5534. 

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