The Sandbox COO: Tech giants may threaten the decentralization of the meta universe

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Sebastien Borget, the co-founder and COO of Metaverse virtual world game The Sandbox, said in an interview with Hong Kong media "South China Morning Post" on the 13th that his primary goal is to protect Metaverse from Web2.0 technology giants. Attack and ensure its development towards a decentralized network.

Bergert pointed out that the business model of Web 2.0 (centralization, capital monopoly, winner-take-all, etc.) is completely opposite to Web 3.0. If existing Web 2.0 giants such as Meta decide to join the meta-universe, they may threaten Metaverse decentralization: We believe that these companies cannot create truly interesting things for users. Rather than satisfying users, they are more focused on their existing business models and how to satisfy the shareholders who master the platform.

Bergert clarified that this has nothing to do with competition, but because the meta-universe itself is built using decentralized technologies such as cryptocurrency and blockchain. The essence is designed to break monopoly: our goal is to build an open meta-universe. , Which can counter the competition of the Web2.0 meta-universe.

Beckett’s statement is not unreasonable. In the past two decades, giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have suppressed their competitors through capital, and after gaining market oligopoly, they have even stifled competition and turned themselves into the unmovable king of the industry. According to human history, monopoly is always accompanied by problems such as slowing down of innovation and rising prices.

Tech giants are actively attacking, can Sandbox stabilize its position?

After Facebook fired its first shot at the end of October and changed its name to Meta, Microsoft also hurriedly launched a plan to integrate personal roles into Teams; Tencent, Alibaba, etc. did not panic, preemptively register related trademarks, symbolizing the official technology giants. Enter the meta universe.

While the technology giants are marching in, meta-universe projects such as The Sandbox and Decentraland have also become hot topics in the community.

The former attracted a USD 93 million investment from SoftBank, including Adidas and Snoop Dogg. The latter has currently set the highest price of a land transaction of USD 2.42 million, and also attracted a well-known singer Lin Junjie to join. Even the famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber announced at the beginning of the same month that it would cooperate with the virtual entertainment platform Wave to perform the songs from the latest album at a virtual concert.

Will Web3.0 form a centralized monopoly again in the future, or will it re-empower Internet users? Perhaps as stated by Tiger International, an online brokerage firm, it will take twenty years for Metaverse to fully mature, and various applications have not yet taken shape. The competition between centralization and decentralization is just about to begin.

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