The open topic of legal digital currency innovation research will focus on "privacy protection"

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The Digital Currency Research Institute released the 2021 open topic of legal digital currency innovation research. Open topics will focus on scientific issues related to legal digital currency, focusing on innovative research in theory, technology, application, etc., and propose research reference directions such as privacy protection and anti-money laundering supervision.

According to reports, the Central Bank's Digital Currency Research Institute will open topics to domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, financial institutions, and technological innovation enterprises, and conduct innovative research on theories, core technologies, applications, and functional innovations in legal digital currency-related fields.

From the research reference directions provided, it is not difficult to see that the Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute is quite concerned about the potential monetary policy innovation brought about by legal digital currency, and how to ensure the privacy of individual users, information security and performance of anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, etc. Balance between obligations. In addition, in terms of innovation research, the innovation of key technologies of smart contracts and the innovation of application scenarios based on 5G and new technologies of the Internet of Things will become an important direction for the exploration of legal digital currency.

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