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The crypto industry is home to over 13000 cryptocurrencies, many of which were created to solve some of the major problems of our world. There are also thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe hatching ideas to use this revolutionary new technology for the betterment of the world.

The industry presents a golden opportunity to investors, developers, and tech enthusiasts. But, keeping up with this new sector is not as easy as it may seem. There are project launches, partnerships, and protocol updates happening every day and there is no single reliable channel for everything crypto. There is no platform that brings all the players of the platform together. And, Blockchain Boys Club is a project that could change this forever.

What is the Blockchain Boys Club
Beneath its surface, the $2.5 trillion crypto industry is actually a huge community. A community of like-minded people striving to change the power dynamics of the world and bring about a paradigm shift in its operations. What this community need is a common platform to meet, communicate, collaborate, and share ideas. Blockchain Boys Club is that platform.

It began in the minds of its founders when they started to find it practically impossible to stay on top of the crypto industry news and collaborate with all the players. They believed that a platform that brings the widespread crypto community together is the need of the hour for the decentralized world and therefore built the Blockchain Boys Club.

This platform makes it easy for founders, investors, developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts in the crypto industry to keep with the latest trends and happenings of this space and discover new opportunities. The Blockchain Boys Club basically creates a safe haven where all of these players can come together to share information and benefit from it.

Club Membership Benefits
When a user chooses to become a member of the Blockchain Boys Club they obviously get access to a wide network of like-minded people. But apart from this, the club provides a whole range of member benefits to take the game to the next level.

One of the most important and useful benefits comes in the form of “The Terminal” access. This basically means that members become a part of a community messaging area where they get real-time investment advice, trading signals, and various investment opportunities on demand. A messaging area can become a reliable communication channel for the crypto space, ensuring a seamless exchange of information.

Apart from this, they also get access to a $100,000 community investment pool that will be used to generate additional profits and revenue for community use. There is also a $50,000 liquidation grant, exclusive merchandise, and exclusive podcast ownership access to the members of the community.

Apart from being an all-in-one crypto platform, the Blockchain Boys Club is also an NFT project offering a unique collection of 5,555 NFTs called BCBoys. The collection was created using 243 rare attributes on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning a BCBoys NFT automatically makes the owner a member of the club, giving them access to all member benefits.

The owner of the NFT is also granted a 1:1 NFT from the future sister collection of 10,000 NFTs. The cost of each BCBoys NFT is fixed at 0.065 ETH and 2000 of these NFTs are reserved for presale investors.

Accomplishments and Roadmap
As a fairly new project in its early stages of development, the Blockchain Boys Club seems to be doing well already. The project has over 8,000 members on the Discord channel and has secured a partnership with Benzinga, a platform for real-time trading ideas and stock market news. With an eventful roadmap ahead, the project will soon launch its presale to generate funds for the development of the Terminal among other things.

After the presale, the NFTs will go on public sale and the members will soon get access to the Terminal. The creation of the liquidation grant, podcast, merchandise, and investment pool will soon follow suit in the next stages of development. In the meantime, Blockchain Boys Club is also working on a second collection of 10,000 NFTs to bring more people onto the platform.

Taking Crypto to the Next-Level
Defying all odds and out-running all predictions, the crypto market has grown to unimaginable heights in recent years. But, the industry has been functioning in a fragmented manner until now, and for the next stage of growth to unfold, the collaboration between existing players is crucial. In this regard, Blockchain Boys provides the perfect platform for the coming together of the industry and ensures that opportunities are never missed. The platform takes the fragmented pieces of the industry to make it whole and gearing it up for the mass adoption that is around the corner.

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