The mayor of a small town in the U.S. plans to airdrop $1,000 in bitcoin to all residents and consider mining

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After El Salvador airdropped Bitcoin (BTC) to the people and started geothermal mining, Jayson Stewart, the mayor of Cool Valley, a small town in Missouri, USA, said earlier that he intends to initiate a reform of the town through Bitcoin; Today, he even posted a message saying that he is planning to mine!

Cool Valley is located in St. Louis County, Missouri. It has 1,500 townspeople. The mayor Jayson Stewart said in an exclusive interview with foreign media "KDSK" that he wanted to airdrop Bitcoin to improve the economic burden of the epidemic on the townspeople. He pointed out that he had already Many people have turned over because of investing in Bitcoin: some people are now living completely different lives. They were originally engaged in nine-to-five jobs, and now they are worth more than $80 million.

Digital gold flips the town and educates the townspeople to be a Hodl

Jayson Stewart hopes to bring similar improvements in life to the townspeople. He claimed that he originally planned to only plan an airdrop of 500 US dollars per person. However, as the media heated up, many donors who supported the idea expressed their willingness to help him raise millions. US dollars, including government funds, epidemic relief funds, etc.: I hope that every household in this small town can get a certain amount of BTC, whether it is 500 or 1,000 US dollars.

In addition to organizing publicity activities before the airdrop to ensure that the people learn to operate BTC, in order to ensure that residents understand the magic of BTC, instead of immediately disposing of it after receiving the airdrop and taking it to pay the utility bill, Jayson Stewart said that it will require the townspeople to hold it. Use it for a while: Hold it for at least five years before you can really use it fully. Think about it, this is digital gold.

Ramona Nickels, a postman in Cool Valley, said that her daughter believed that BTC is a world trend and expressed optimism.

Not only airdrops, but also mining

At 8 o'clock in the morning today (10), Jayson Stewart said on Twitter that he is currently planning to launch a bolder plan: For the sake of my townspeople, I plan to mine Bitcoin, they are worth it!

Netizens immediately flooded in support, and they all expressed how we can help, name it CoolMine, and some more serious netizens suggested that the mayor invest funds in the recently popular DeFi project Anchor Protocol to earn nearly 20% of interest. , In order to create more funds for the town.

Although the details of Cool Valley's BTC mining plan have not yet been announced, Jayson Stewart said that he will join the ranks of BTC bulls and lead the town to a better future.

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