The founder of Loot pushes the virtual pet game WAGMIGOTCHI on the chain but emphasizes non-NFT。

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After the founder of Loot launched the pure text RPG NFT to surprise the currency circle, he released an experimental virtual pet game WAGMIGOTCHI, but he emphasized that players will not get any rewards from it. The game is only an experiment, and virtual pets are not NFTs.


The founder of Loot, Dom Hofmann, first revealed on Twitter that he had launched a new experiment based on the chain but not NFT, and emphasized that this project is not apeable, but unexpectedly announced the new project after about an hour. die.

But after getting more than 60% of supporters requesting to continue his experimental project, Dom immediately announced the launch of WAGMIGOTCHI.

WAGMIGOTCHI is similar to a nostalgic electronic pet machine. Players can train virtual pets on the chain. The behaviors that can interact with pets include cleaning, feeding, playing and sleeping.

There are demand bars for the four activities. Clicking on each activity can meet the needs, but different activities may affect each other. For example, playing may cause the need to feed. If the demand bar is too low, the pet may die. Love points as a unit.

Originally, WAGMIGOTCHI could only interact with the contract, but Twitter user @sammdec immediately built a front end for this, as shown in the figure below.

And Ross Campbell, the core developer of SushiSwap, is coining LOVE points so that LOVE can be claimed. Many users have already applied for it.

Twitter user @m1guelpf also deployed the contract to the Polygon testnet and is building a front end for it.

Founder: Don't try it lightly

Dom is still calling on Twitter: Friends, you really won’t get anything from the game. It’s an experiment. Unless you are willing to take care of your pet for free, don’t play. If you don’t understand, don’t play (say three times) , Still considering whether to play? Then don't play, it hasn't been audited. Gas estimates sometimes don't work and need to be adjusted manually. If you don't understand, don't play.

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