the first fair and balanced release defi token is released on multiple networks

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ViralCoin successfully launched with several ground-breaking features that will change the scope of Fair Launches forever. ViralCoin’s definition of a Fair Balanced Launch is one that keeps the token price consistent while minting new tokens until the maximum total supply has been realized across all networks.

To accomplish this breakthrough feature, ViralCoin created the ViralVault, which rebalances the Liquidity Pool each time ViralCoin is minted. Rebalancing the Liquidity Pool serves to keep the maximum price relatively stable until the total supply of ViralCoin has been minted. ViralCoin further enhances the definition of a Fair Launch by pre-allocating ZERO tokens to its founders, early adopters, or developers.

ViralCoin – Innovation in Cryptocurrency
Through the first ever on-chain, on-token referral system, enthusiasts of ViralCoin can participate in the community without purchasing the token. 1% of every purchase is distributed to the referring wallet address of the receiver.

Additional tokenomics include a 3% redistribution fee to all wallet holders pro rata with their holdings, excluding the team wallet. An auto-LP function is completely unnecessary, since ViralCoin’s liquidity pool is designed to sustain itself through its innovative “Fair Balanced Launch”.

USDC is paired with ViralCoin in the liquidity pool. The developers designed this framework to combat impermeable loss and further ensure that ViralCoin continues to evolve independent of swings in the crypto market. Any popular token on a supported network can be used to swap for ViralCoin, and it is immediately converted to USDC prior to being inserted into the Viral Liquidity Pool.

2021 and Beyond: ViralCoin DAO Proposals
ViralCoin has created a DAO for the deployment and mass adoption of its breakthrough technology. Having officially launched, the evolution, application, and trajectory of ViralCoin will be decided upon by the DAO, with governance voting on further proposals.

Upcoming proposals include the development of a subscription-based, smart contract wallet, as well as integration with popular e-commerce partners. If approved, holders of ViralCoin will have the ability to spend their tokens on re-occurring bills and will have the opportunity to make ViralCoin a lifestyle token.

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