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When Dogecoin was first created eight years ago, it did not come with a ‘Whitepaper’ or a roadmap like other crypto projects. However, as the digital asset has grown into prominence this year, it has become imperative for there to be a roadmap for the project. It has successfully gone from being a joke project to becoming one of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap.

The roadmap which was released by the Dogecoin Foundation on its official website outlines what the plan is for the future, as well as where the project might be headed from here.

The Dogecoin Standard
The recently released Dogecoin roadmap propels the meme coin into the territory of ‘serious’ coins. It outlines some major projects that the digital asset will be involved in, showing a peak of what will be a busy 2022 for Dogecoin Core developers. These projects will help push Doge towards accelerated adoption like in the case of the GigaWallet which will allow Doge payments to be enabled on platforms in simple steps.

The Dogecoin website is also scheduled to get a makeover as a complete redesign will be carried out. This will give the website a whole new look and will feature a number of new information regarding the project to allow members of the community to participate as a coder, miner, holder, or fan.

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The Dogepedia section of the website will be a collection of FAQs (frequently asked questions) that have been pulled from various social media platforms to provide answers to the most pressing questions from the community. “Our hope is that by making each Q&A a directly link-able page, we’re arming the Doge Army with the tools to destroy FUD wherever they find it!” the statement read.

Breaking Barriers For Developers
If there’s one thing Doge is looking to do more, it’s to enable developers to work with the project without hassle. This is what LibDogecoin is for. It is one of the eight projects listed in the roadmap that developers will be working on.

Basically, it is a complete implementation of Dogecoin protocols. It is a C library, as well as a series of bindings to popular language, to enable developers to build Dogecoin compliant products. It makes available the core functionality of Doge as a simple C library to promote innovation within the community. This will help developers build out their products on Dogecoin “without needing to worry about the deeper specifics of the crypto functions.”

Other projects mentioned in the roadmap include the Dogecoin Keyring, an API/SDK, and Project RadioDoge. There is a proposal for community staking that would move the network to proof of stake, as well as a partnership for a Point of Sale, L2 app.

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