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In 2022, the upsurge of the domestic digital collection (NFT) market will resume, ushering in a number of heavyweight participants.

On January 5, Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as "Bilibili") announced the release of its first digital art avatar "Pigeon De" and officially opened registration. On January 6, Anta released a digital collection with the theme of the Beijing Winter Olympics. On January 8, Taikang Online announced that it has recently released the first digital collection of the insurance industry; Qidian Reading will sell the first digital collection of online texts in China.

Chen Jia, a researcher at the International Monetary Institute of Renmin University of China, told the "Securities Daily" reporter that digital collections based on blockchain technology have sprung up one after another, which shows at least two points: First, the promotion concept of digital collections is gradually being recognized; Second, the market size of digital collections is gradually expanding.

In addition, the relevant domestic regulatory system is also constantly being explored. Chen Jia said that for many companies, this is an upgrade opportunity that must be grasped. Building a trading platform and launching digital collections are not only the strategic development direction of service companies, but also meet the development demands of the NFT industry.

NFT is an important part of the layout of the metaverse

Among the above-mentioned companies that issue digital collections, Station B, which is the gathering place for young people of the Z generation, is even more anticipated. The digital collection "Pigeon De" released this time is built on the high-energy chain of station B. The entire network is limited to 2,233 pieces. Each "Pigeon De" avatar has a unique number and style.

Different from other digital collections, the digital collections issued by Station B have two new functions: one is "derivative production"; the other is "online secondary creation". Its introduction page shows that during the period of holding this digital collection, users have the right to make and sell based on this collection, and promote the physical surroundings; they have the right to create secondary creations based on this collection and use it for network communication. This means that users who own digital collections at Station B, in addition to collection and display, also have some commercial development rights.

The "Securities Daily" reporter noticed that digital collections are one of the application scenarios of the high-energy chain at Bilibili, and it is also an important part of Bilibili's layout of the Metaverse ecology. According to reports, "High Energy Chain" is a "metaverse ecology", a digital native community built for new applications, cultures, games and digital assets. applied in a scene. In December last year, the high-energy chain of station B was tested.

"NFT (digital collection) is considered to be one of the infrastructures of the future Metaverse, and it is the most suitable asset class for the Metaverse." Yu Jianing, executive director of the Metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation, told the "Securities Daily" reporter, Each NFT is unique and indivisible, and can achieve clear ownership, transparent quantity, and transfer traces. It is the value carrier of the digital world and the bridge connecting real world and digital world assets.

The publishers of digital collections such as Taikang Online and Anta have not concealed their longing for the Metaverse. Taikang Online released its first digital collection "Fuhu Kaitai" based on its own IPTKer. According to the relevant person in charge of Taikang Online, "Building a brand NFT digital derivative peripheral is an important step for Taikang Online in the Metaverse. We firmly believe that the new round of technological revolution brought by the Metaverse will improve the Internet insurance user experience in the future. , subverting the perception of insurance purchases and other aspects of unparalleled value.”

Anta teamed up with Tmall to create an interactive digital space "Anta Ice and Snow Spirit Realm" on the Super Brand Day. In this scenario, users need to collect Fiery Fuel Points to unlock digital collectibles. The word "spiritual realm" is exactly Qian Xuesen's Chinese interpretation of the metaverse and virtual world.

Yu Jianing believes that exploring new types and applications of NFTs will gain a competitive advantage in building the Metaverse. For example, exploring "asset on-chain" can map assets in the physical world to NFT, realize application and circulation in the metaverse, and promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy.

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