Taking the customizable NFT toward P2E game in development for users 'to explore more fun

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Taking the customizable NFT toward P2E game in development for users ‘to explore more fun’

There is a way to create a metaverse playground where community members enjoy the pleasure of owning its NFT.



What is this new metaverse and NFT experience?

With all the fuzz around the metaverse and NFTs, a cyberpunk playground is currently just around the corner. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are coming up in all shapes and sizes, and the next project under review here offers some interesting positives.

This isCyber Galzwhich is a gynoidNFT content platformfor cyberpunk and sci-fi enthusiasts. The project aims to create a metaverse playground that community members enjoy the pleasure of owning its NFTs and cultivating Galz’ content with social experiences. The so-called Erst generation of Cyber Galz NFTs comprises 9,999 digital art pieces with over 10 attribute types categorized into four rarity rankings.

The genesis Cyber Galz NFTs will have membership perks, including all-access passes to its content platform and marketplace, where Galz-featuring content is to be published on a regular basis. The content format will be considerably varied and will include digital art collections, comics and either music or videos.

Most content will be developed within the community, with the project’s developers aiming to create the story of each Galz in our content so that all Galz masters enjoy discovering their stories within the community. What’s more, based on the published NFT and content, the team will release a P2E game in Q1 2022. It expects the game launch to be a tipping point of Cyber Galz.

Key points

The main initiative of this project is “gathering sci-fi and cyberpunk freaks to this metaverse community where they can explore more fun by owning our digital collectibles and discovering the stories about their Galz together,” the team shares. In relation to conducting the initiatives, the team also plans to publish a series of webcomics after the genesis Cyber GalzNFT minting.

Based on a background storyline of the comics presented by the team, a number of episodes will be created together with the digital community.

During this procedure, the NFT holders and community will build and share entertaining content together, which would thrive this community as the content platform. After then, the team plans to diversify Galz’ content with its own P2E game, which is currently in a development stage and planning to launch in Q1 2022.


Interestingly, Cyber Galz NFTs are customizable through a crafting solution, which means one such NFT can be tailored with a combination of several attributes as per its holder’s preference. The creators are also planning to host pop-up events related to this customization feature, such as a daily look contest.

This will allow improving community scalability as they can explore various cooperation opportunities to create new outlooks, makeup or other appearance items.

Cyber Galz is also built on what is described as state-of-the-art technology capability. Cyber Galz NFTs will be minted on Immutable X, Ethereum’s (ETH) layer-two protocol for NFT. This will allow users to mint NFTs with zero gas fees. The project is also adopting the Arweave (AR) protocol, which is reputed to be the leading IPFS (distributed system for storage and access to files, websites, applications and data) bridge system for a data storage solution.

Applying Arweave will help improve the permanence and reliability of the project’s NFT data, according to its creators. They are also planning to conduct an audit from a leading cyber security company under the objectives to ensure the protection of the NFTs.

Contribution to the Cyberpunk community

“The Cyber Galz team is attempting to bring like-minded cyberpunk freaks and geeks to the Galz metaverse. However, this is not stopping there with an aim to create and grow the community about/beyond Galz NFTs. And fun parts will not be disregarded no matter what,” the team shares

The NFT platform recently formed a partnership with DeFine, the social NFT platform backed by notable VCs and companies, including Huobi Ventures, Tron, NGC Ventures, Draper Dragon, SevenX Ventures, Abyss, PearlAbyss and more.

Future plans

The project is expected to follow a timeline that starts with the NFT minting and listing in Jan. 2022. There will also be a special redemption for selected supporters and the first webcomics series will be released.

Phase two, which is expected to last through 2022, will feature the Cyber Galz content platform launch, items and content drops for subscribers, as well as collaboration with like-minded creators. During this phase, the NFT-based P2E game launch in Q1 2022 will be a cherry on top of its project roadmap to create a metaverse playground.

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