Sushi infighting? SushiSwap CTO resigns today! Sushi has fallen by nearly 70% since its high

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Joseph Delong, Chief Technology Officer of SushiSwap, a decentralized exchange, only publicly countered on the 5th of this month, the former head of SushiSwap's Asia-Pacific region, AG, saying that the Sushi project had failed and criticizing the management's inaction; at the time, he refuted the allegations and said This kind of absurd slander is already intolerable!

But Delong also complained in a tweet: his job salary is too low, and emphasized that if he cannot gain operational autonomy and raise his salary, then he will choose to leave. As a result, today (9), he posted on his Twitter that: for the benefit of the Sushi community, I will resign as CTO from now on. I really like what we built together and will actively look back at this moment.

He also uploaded a record of his personal account and the SushiSwap contract transaction failure, symbolically indicating his resignation.

Previously, Delong said frankly that many former Sushi team members may not like him as the chief technical officer, but emphasized that most of these leaving members were asked to leave because of poor performance or inability to cooperate with the team.

According to reports, SushiSwap’s governance system previously submitted a proposal to provide all core team members (except Delong) with 200,000 SUSHI, which is equivalent to approximately US$964,000 as salary compensation. Although this proposal failed, it still made Delong very frustrated.

Allegations from former employees

According to reports, the former head of SushiSwap Asia Pacific AG pointed out on Twitter on November 25 that Sushi is no longer a community-driven project, but a company controlled by management such as Joseph, Omakase, Rachel, Keno, and Nori.

AG also named the crimes of various leaders in tweets, including accusing SushiSwap technical chief Joseph Delong of only tweeting and not writing code, while receiving some extra bonuses and naming the core developer Keno. I haven't written code for more than 3 months, but Deron praised this person as a genius that we can never lose.

In response to the relevant allegations, Delong countered the relevant allegations one by one on Twitter: There are many dramatic things inside Sushi, and there are many manipulations of public information outside Sushi. As a leader, I don't want to discuss these topics because I think our work products are self-explanatory, but this kind of absurd slander has risen to a level that I cannot tolerate.

Sushi official response

In response to the recent chaos related to internal coaxing, the SushiSwap team issued a statement acknowledging that there were errors in team management and promised to create a healthier and more efficient working environment. SushiSwap said that it is currently seeking an open source contributor process and human resources system, and a formal code of conduct is also in progress.

In Delong's resignation statement, he said that he recommended installing a C suite from outside the DAO, which will have tools for effective management of the team; and be wary of any self-appointed leaders appearing in the current core team.

Finally, Delong said on Twitter: I hope everything goes well for Sushi, but I feel sad that Sushi is so dangerous inside and outside...In my opinion, it's time for the community to unite and find effective solutions. I am on call at any time to dutifully hand over any necessary accounts or information to the next leader selected.

Sushi has fallen by nearly 70% since its high

Sushi is currently ranked 13th in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, with a total value lock (TVL) of 6.25 billion U.S. dollars. But rumors of infighting have come in. According to Tradingview data, Sushi's trend has been quite sluggish since October, with a drop of more than 50%. As of the deadline, it was reported at $6.238, a drop of 5.5% in the past 24 hours.

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