South Korea's most promising stocks in 2021: Meta Universe and NFT stocks

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For South Korean stock investors, this year is the year of Yuan Universe. If technology stocks can get in touch with Metaverse or NFT (non-homogeneous tokens), it will become a guarantee for stock prices to rise.

Of South Korea's top 10 stocks this year, 6 stocks are related to Metaverse or NFT, including the best-performing Wemade Max Co., which seeks to become a blockchain game developer, and its stock price has soared by 1500%.

WeMade launched its own blockchain platform Wemix at the beginning of this year, and led game publishers Joycity, Supercat, DalcomSoft, NHN and ActionSquare to join the ecosystem. WemadeMax is a blockchain game developer and a subsidiary of WeMade.

The second-best performing stock was Edison EV, whose share price soared by 1244.38%, followed by We Made Co., which rose by 846.06%.

After the top ten benefited from the stocks of the universe and NFT themes, including Wysiwyg Studios, its stock price rose 527.32%, Devsisters rose 513.15%, Com2uS Holdings rose 491.59%, Neowiz Holdings rose 446.95%, NP rose 421.2% and Dex22 rose 418.23% .

Looking to the future, Metaverse, a virtual world that integrates various digital technologies, and NFT that records data ownership on the blockchain, is expected to be widely adopted by online game developers, content creators and even K-pop.

Sung Jonghwa, an analyst at eBEST Investment&Securities Co, said that he is optimistic about companies that are ready for NFT and Meta universe business. However, if some beneficiary stocks fail to act, their stock prices may also face pressure.

In the second half of this year, the South Korean stock market was under the influence of the epidemic and the more hawkish central bank. Although the main index Kospi still rose nearly 5% throughout the year, it has wiped out most of the gains this year.

An Hyungjin, CEO of Billionfold Asset Management Inc, said that the stock market has seen extreme polarization. If some stocks have risen 10 times, it means that some other stocks have fallen sharply.

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