SOS coin dropped 64% after airdrop! GasDAO launched an airdrop but the motivation of the target is unknown?

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The airdrop of OpenDAO's SOS tokens on Christmas Eve has turned the currency price into a bearish look.

According to CoinGecko's data, the price of SOS tokens climbed to a new high of $0.00001108 the day after the airdrop, but has since collapsed by 64%.

SOS tokens were airdropped to cryptocurrency users who had spent money on OpenSea, the current largest NFT market platform. So far, users have claimed more than 39 trillion SOS tokens, which is close to 80% of the total airdrop.

The number of SOS tokens each person can earn is based on the amount they have spent on the OpenSea platform. For example, if you just randomly buy 8-bit (8-bit) pixel ordinary digital art, then the amount of SOS airdrop you get is small; but if you bought the cryptopunk avatar CryptoPunk at a high price, then Will get a lot of SOS tokens.

However, the price of SOS tokens has still collapsed in the past few days, despite news of a series of exchange listings and partnerships. Signed another cooperation agreement with the cross-chain NFT platform Treasureland.

This transaction means that consumers can use SOS tokens to buy NFT on Treasureland, and 50% of the SOS transaction fee will be donated to OpenDao to support the development of the SOSNFT ecosystem.

Another NFT-related platform named X has also signed a contract with the SOS project. The X platform tweeted that users can pay with SOS tokens, and if users pledge their SOS tokens, they will earn a quarter of the total supply of X tokens within four years. Currently, X tokens have not yet been issued.

The last partnership of the SOS project is the collaboration with the e-commerce bridge site, which allows users to use cryptocurrency to make payments on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other retailers. SOS tokens are now also one of the token options for payment.

But so far, the above development has not been enough to make the price of SOS token skyrocket.

In addition to OpenDAO, another similar project, GasDAO, also airdropped tokens to anyone who spent more than $1,559 on Ethereum fees on Wednesday.

If the user has spent more than US$1,559 on the Ethereum handling fee before December 26 this year, they can apply for the GAS token airdrop.

Those who are enough to earn 1 billion GAS tokens will reportedly be able to propose a proposal in the upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As for those who can receive at least 1.78 million tokens, they will be able to use the project’s Discord channel Get the title of gas-holder.

The document also shows that 55% of GAS's total supply of 1 trillion tokens was marked for this airdrop.

Based on the current fluctuating GAS price, as long as someone dares to claim it, the total amount of GasDAO's airdrop will be as high as 54 million U.S. dollars, but the GAS tokens that have not been claimed before May 1 will be transferred back to the DAO treasury.

As for the other 15% of the supply, that is, 150 billion tokens will be reserved for 25 people on the development team.

At present, it is still unclear what the goal of this project's airdrop is, although the introduction document points out that it is to reward users who bear the high fees of Ethereum.

However, many people have asked on Twitter whether this type of token airdrop is safe, and what is the team behind the airdrop? Because if users link the Web3 wallet to a cryptocurrency project, they are likely to expose themselves to the dangers of loopholes, scams, and hacker attacks, so they have to be cautious.

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