Sophia AI robot will issue smart NFT on Binance Market: Sophia beingAI。

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A virtual animation version of the world-famous AI robot Sophia has been tokenized and will be auctioned on the Binance NFT platform as part of the emerging meta-universe project Noah’s Ark.

Hanson Robotics, headquartered in Hong Kong, created Sofia in 2016. This robot is world-renowned for its expressive ability. Within the first five years of Sofia’s emergence, she gave a speech at the United Nations and won the award of Saudi Arabia. Citizenship.

Earlier this month, Jeanne Lim, the former CEO of Hansen Robotics and co-inventor of Sophia, launched the virtual animation version of the robot "Sophiabeing AI" in her new company being AI, which has permanent authorization and brand cooperation from Hansen Robotics. Partnerships.

NFT developer Alethea AI announced on the 7th that the company has established a partnership with being AI and will launch 100 smart NFTs (iNFT) with Sophiabeing AI as the protagonist on the Binance NFT market on December 16th. Part of Smart IGO (First Game Asset Sale).

"Cryptoslate" reported that this is the first artificial intelligence IGO product launched by Binance. IGO works in roughly the same way as any other fundraising concept, but is only related to game projects. Therefore, it can include early access passes, weapons, characters and exclusive skins for early investors.

Smart NFT that can interact with people

It is reported that this kind of smart NFT is a revolutionary NFT, which is characterized by embedding the artificial intelligence character into the smart contract. In this way, these smart NFTs can autonomously interact with people in real time in the game environment.

This time the smart NFT series is named Sophiabeing AI’s cross-media universe. These 100 smart NFTs will be supported by Alethea AI’s decentralized meta-universe project Noah’s Ark. Alethea AI announced the launch of Noah’s Ark in October. Its meta universe is designed as a world inhabited by interactive and intelligent NFTs.

Jeanne Lim said in a statement: We are very happy to make Sophiabeing AI an intelligent NFT. As a member of artificial intelligence robots, we hope that Sophiabeing AI will combine humans and technology to help humans realize the essence of unconditional love and pure possibility.

David Hanson, founder and CEO of Hansen Robotics, said: Our vision for Hansen Robotics is to create robots that can inspire and help modern humans. At the same time, we also boldly explore how to turn robots into super-intelligent and compassionate robots. Living machine. I am very happy to see that being AI created this virtual animated version of Sophia. She has expressive ability and unique personality. These qualities make Sophia so attractive. Being AI extends Sophia's imaginative exploration as artificial intelligence, pursuing the future and making the world a better place.

According to the announcement, the auction will start at 5 pm Eastern time on December 16, 20 Sophiabeing AI smart NFTs will be auctioned every day, and the auction is scheduled to end on December 21.

Sophia once talked about cryptocurrency

In fact, this is not the first time Sophia has set foot in the NFT field. In March of this year, the NFT artwork created by Sophia was auctioned on Nifty Gateway, a digital art trading platform, and finally achieved sales of more than $1 million.

Sofia has also talked about cryptocurrency. She revealed at a web summit held in Portugal in November 2019 that she knows what cryptocurrency is, but she has not used it herself.

Sophia said at the time: I know what cryptocurrencies are, but I haven't used them myself because I don't use currencies at all.

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