SlowMist: Some OpenSea users were attacked by phishing, and the listed NFTs were sold at a very low matching price

Time:2022-01-09 Source: 955 views NFT Copy share

On the evening of December 10th, according to the SlowMist area intelligence, some NFTs that users placed and sold on OpenSea were maliciously matched and bought at a price much lower than the order price.

According to the analysis of the SlowMist security team, this is because the victim user suffered a phishing attack and incorrectly signed a malicious order carefully constructed by the attacker. NFTs listed for sale by victim users on OpenSea.

The attacker used the victim user's signed sell order and the attacker's own buy order to match in OpenSea, and traded at a very low price specified by the attacker, causing the victim user's NFT to be sold at an unexpected price.

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