Sequoia Capital registers with the SEC as an investment advisor to invest in crypto assets and stocks

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Sequoia Capital, one of the largest U.S. venture capital firms, has registered with the SEC as an investment advisor to expand the scope of transaction types, according to a notice on the SEC’s website.

Sequoia's original investment strategy was to back early-stage Silicon Valley tech startups, and the change in regulatory status reflects the company's expanded investment strategy.

In an SEC filing dated Nov. 30, Sequoia Capital Operations LLC described the firm's activities as: "As technology revolutionizes industries, the advisory firm has expanded its scope of operations."

In the SEC filing, Sequoia Capital describes the firm's current strategy to invest primarily in seed-stage, early-stage and growth-stage companies in industries such as commercial and consumer technology, financial services and energy. Sequoia also said it would make transactions that venture capital firms don’t often do, such as buying public stocks and crypto assets, and that it could become a sponsor of a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

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