SAND reveals plans for 2022: migration of Polygon, creation of DAO, continuous alpha testin

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Metaverse virtual world game The Sandbox held the first Metaverse event Sandbox Alpha at the end of November. 5,000 players with Alpha Pass NFT passes can explore the game world in The Sandbox Alpha first, earn exclusive NFT rewards, and enjoy playing and earning fun ( P2E).

However, according to previous reports, during the Sandbox Alpha event, players failed to log in and the official website could not be browsed, which caused players to complain. However, Sebastien Borget, the co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, believes that the event is not concealed. In an interview with "Decrypt" on the 30th, he formally responded to his thoughts on The Sandbox Alpha event: "Oh, that's it? Metaverse-Really Is it just that boring? It looks ugly, there are bugs everywhere, it's nothing fun." I thought it would happen when players played, but it didn't happen. Player feedback on the initial Alpha test that ended on December 20 was basically positive. To be sure, the game is still in deep development: there are bugs that need to be fixed, and there are other feedback that needs to be taken. But I am encouraged by the overall response.

Looking forward to 2022: Migrate to Polygon, create DAO, continue alpha testing

Sebastien Borget also revealed The Sandbox’s key plans for next year: First, the project plans to launch a Sandbox Alpha-like game test event every few months in 2022 in order to get more feedback from LAND owners and players; in order to significantly reduce players’ and Transaction fees and network congestion during game interaction. The team plans to migrate the game from Ethereum to Polygon, and launch a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) next year, allowing LAND owners to have a say in the future of the game .

Borget said that once creators with LAND can build and share their interactive experience, and the game transitions to the Polygon chain in the future, The Sandbox will be released to the public more widely. At that time, The Sandbox may be more suitable to show all potential players the vision that its community has, even those who do not buy LAND.

"Meta universe needs to be built by the public. Once they use our tools to build and create an experience that is ready to be open to the public — we will publish their LAND experience on layer 2 — I think this will be a good time to start ."

The Sandbox Positioning: NFT and Metaverse Center

Borget mentioned that there were tens of thousands of players during the alpha test, and the number of unique LAND NFT holders in the game soared to more than 17,000. Other LANDNFTs will also be released throughout 2022, and the secondary market is already booming.

Borget also pointed out that several NFT project communities, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Sup Ducks and Gutter Cat Gang, also participated in the Alpha test. He believes that The Sandbox is expected to become the meta-universe center of the crypto community in the future. , And this is part of the reason why the team itself has to spend millions of dollars to buy NFT, including they spent 2.9 million US dollars to buy Boring Ape NFT in September.

In the end, Borget also said that after seeing the team's ideas being accepted by more users, he felt that all the efforts were worthwhile. Although the game is not yet fully open to the public, people are buying and selling LAND land, looking forward to building things on them-every day, the map is different, there are new landowners and new communities that decide to build next to each other thing.

"I think this is a digital country-vibrant. That's why it's exciting. It has a rich culture, it's global, and it's easy to access."

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