Research Shows Significant Number of Bitcoin Holders Willing to Use Its Payments

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New research from payments platform Paysafe has found that more than half of cryptocurrency holders want to receive their salary in the form of digital assets such as bitcoin or ethereum.

55% preferred the option, rising to 60% among 18- to 24-year-olds. Chief among them is that they see cryptocurrencies as a smart investment, believing that they may get paid this way in the future, as well as greater financial flexibility.

The survey is based on a questionnaire of 2,000 cryptocurrency owners in the US and UK, so people in other countries may have different opinions. In countries with capital controls or high inflation, the number could be higher, but those places weren't surveyed, so it's impossible to know what their opinion is.

An interesting finding from the study is the main motivation for people to hold cryptocurrencies. Some people may think that most people are just there to make money, but according to Paysafe, the biggest motivation is because of the belief that cryptocurrencies will become the dominant form of international currency in the coming years.

When the topic of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies comes up, dissenters often cite tulip mania, or that these assets are in a bubble and they will burst, which is not true even for existing Bitcoin holders. Firmness: 70% of respondents have had doubts at some point in their cryptocurrency investment history, and 49% have withdrawn some or all of their cryptocurrency holdings because of those doubts, not surprising surprise.

We can also look at some of the more optimistic views of those surveyed, with 60% saying they think more online retailers will accept cryptocurrencies within the next year and 47% saying within the next 12 months Brick-and-mortar stores will accept cryptocurrencies. Finally, 49% of respondents said that as cryptocurrencies become more accessible, everyone is likely to own cryptocurrencies within the next five years.

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