Rainmaker Games Offers Up Global Fair Launch Auction After Successful $6.5 Million Fundraising Round

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Rainmaker Games eats, sleeps, and breathes crypto gaming. But the cool thing about the project isn’t just the fact that it caters to young gamers who may not know anything about crypto and blockchain technology, offering them a play-to-earn opportunity alongside the likes of more popular and established crypto games like Axie Infinity.

The real exciting part about the Rainmaker Games platform is that it allows users to switch between games, track their progress, earn their tokens, level up their playing status, and gain access to unique NFT assets, all while interacting with other rainmakers and keeping all of their digital gaming wares and accomplishments within one platform.

No need to spend exorbitant amounts of crypto on smart contract fees, no need to use Layer 2 solutions, and no need to understand blockchain interoperability. Players can do what they do best (make friends, play games, and earn crypto) all in one place.

Why There Is No Better Time Than Now for Rainmaker Games to Launch Its Token
There are several reasons there is no better time than the present for Rainmaker Games to cash in on this potentially massive Fair Launch Auction (FLA). Perhaps the most important reason is that the crypto gaming sector is the fastest-growing sector of the industry and arguably the biggest on-ramp into crypto and the metaverse for newly minted crypto adoptees just getting their beaks wet.

Secondly, the platform is coming off an amazing $6.5 million fundraising round that saw it gain the attention of some of the largest and most respected venture capital firms in cryptocurrency. That includes Polygon, one of the most popular Layer 2 platforms in the space, and Animoca Brands, a multibillion-dollar crypto gaming company behind some of the most popular games and metaverses in the industry, like The Sandbox.

Details of the Fair Launch Auction
Anyone looking to participate in the upcoming FLA is going to want to be aware of these details. Firstly, the FLA starts at 7PM Pacific Standard Time (3PM UTC) on December 17, 2021 and runs until 7PM Pacific Standard Time (3PM UTC) on December 20, 2021. That means enthusiasts have exactly 72 hours to get their $RAIN tokens.

The cost for a single $RAIN token will be one dollar and the tokens will be weighted using a common 95/5 split. That means 95% of the capital raised will be held in $RAIN and tokens the other 5% will be held in stablecoins.

What’s really cool about the upcoming FLA Rainmaker Games is conducting is that they are doing it in coordination with Copper Launch, a token launch platform that’s keen on giving enthusiasts a fair shot at being part of the early stages of new, exciting, and innovative projects. The platform is supported by Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools.

That means anybody participating in this launch is getting knee-deep into the blockchain community from start to finish. The fact that the two platforms are working together also means investors don’t have to worry about completing Know Your Client verification. There are no big capital gatekeepers, geographic constraints, or middlemen to worry about either.

This means the $RAIN FLA is a truly global event. It’s not going to kick out users from certain countries or keep them excluded from reaping the benefits of being involved with the platform at the time of the token launch event.

It’s Time to Make It Rain
With millions of dollars of funding supporting the vision of Rainmaker Games, some of the industry’s top backers behind it, and an innovative approach to enticing entrants both new and old into crypto gaming and the play-to-earn model, the Rainmaker Games FLA event is sure to make headlines.

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