Pathway to Digital Economy: How Jigen Is Transforming the World of Fashion

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NFTs in Fashion

Keeping up with the business modifications, the raving flames of NFTs have provided the fashion industry a burning desire for blockchain technology. With brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton leveraging blockchain based tokens to ensure item’s authenticity, luxury fashion industry have made a splash into the world of NFTs, says Vogue and Forbes publishers

A new spearhead innovating fashion industry: What is Jigen?

With the aim to crack down the humongous potential of this industry, Jigen brings the first NFT gateway for fashion and luxury items in the metaverse and gaming ecosystem providing the brands the opportunity to maintain the authenticity of their items and venture into new ways of sharing digital art and unique designs of their products.

Apart from saving businesses from counterfeiting, Jigen also provide them access to whole new potential customers who can buy tokenized versions of exclusive sneakers, luxury, and fashion items and so more, making a new base of digital consumers and venturing into digital economy. JIG holders can either kick their collectible’s mindset and enjoy a collection of exclusive fashion and luxury items from major brands through its launchpad or simply redeem the physical item.

How Jigen empower its community?

At the center of this entire Jigen ecosystem lies the core element: $JIG Token which caters to the community in following ways:

1.Exclusive access: Based on the amount of $JIG tokens that consumers have, holders will have exclusive access to NFTs and privileges within the system
2.Staking: Holders will be eligible to farm rewards of the $JIG token
3.Governance: Token holders will have the opportunity to take control of the initiative in Jigen ecosystem by taking part in creation processes, voting for their preferred designers, brands etc.

Backed by leading investors and advisors in Blockchain industry such as X21 Digital, Magnus Capital, Oddiyana Ventures etc. Jigen plans to culminate the project in Q1 2022 with the launch of its platform and forming alliances with projects in gaming and NFT industry.

Digital economy is here to stay and with many upcoming NFT-first-physical-goods-second brands, it’s bound to grow. As said by digital designer- Nicole Zisman “NFTs and interest in digital artwork is completely to the luxury fashion industry’s advantage” traditional fashion businesses need to break their silos and make their way into digital space.

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