OpenSea responds to service outage: API access changed and search data store expanded

Time:2022-01-09 Source: 898 views NFT Copy share

On January 10th, OpenSea co-founder and CEO Devin Finzer responded to the "OpenSea service outage", saying that yesterday OpenSea experienced a continuous surge in API traffic, overloading the system and causing performance degradation and site failure. interrupt.

Currently, OpenSea has changed to optimize API access and expanded the search data store to better manage the increased load.

Devin Finzer also announced progress on technical work such as improving site reliability, including an expected expansion of the technical engineering team to 200 people, re-scaling, and reducing customer wait times. Earlier news, last night OpenSea had a service downtime problem, and some users reported that the page could not be opened, or it was very slow.

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