Not to mention the "K" country: YouTube channel Bitcoin Magazine has been reinstated after being banned

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After Bitcoin Magazine’s YouTube channel was temporarily shut down without prior warning, the host of the livestream said the mention of “Kazakhstan” may have been flagged by the platform’s algorithm.

Bitcoin Magazine’s YouTube channel, which was reinstated after being shut down for about three hours, attributed the brief ban to the YouTube algorithm’s tagging of the word “Kazakhstan.”

Bitcoin Magazine noted in a Jan. 12 Twitter post that its YouTube account with 56,600 followers was banned during the livestream without prior warning from the platform.

“Our YouTube channel of 60,000 followers was banned during live broadcast without warning. Removed. When will the attack on #Bitcoin content end?”

The live show focuses on topics related to Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, bitcoin mining and the recent internet outage in Kazakhstan, which is said to have been initiated by the Kazakh government in response to the country's surge in fuel prices. of mass protests.

Bitcoin Magazine said it wasn’t entirely sure what YouTube had for banning its channel, but confirmed that its account had been restored an hour after filing an appeal, suggesting YouTube was aware of its mistake.

During the resumption of the livestream, host Alex Mcshane noted that the panel did not say anything controversial when discussing the impact of the internet outage on BTC mining power, but used some "algorithmic and politically charged" word", which may have triggered the auto-close:

"I want to talk about what happened, don't want to trigger the shutdown again..., we're talking about a politically charged country that starts with a 'K'."

Bitcoin Magazine also shared a post earlier today, pointing to YouTube's initial response to the ban, with the Google-owned platform stating that "content that encourages illegal activity or incites users to violate YouTube's guidelines is not allowed."

"We may allow descriptions of such activities if they are educational or documentary in nature and do not help others to follow suit," the response added.

Despite YouTube's content policies, current search results on YouTube still show multiple live shows using the identities and video content of popular figures like MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor to promote questionable websites and so-called "crypto giveaway" scams.

Either Michael Saylor does a lot of live streaming or some of the videos are problematic: YouTube

Commenting on the ban on Reddit's r/CryptoCurrency section, user u/Setl1less highlighted its hypocrisy, stating that "YouTube has developed a habit of banning accounts with well-known information" while allowing scams to operate freely.

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