Non-homogeneous token NFT on the application chain

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There are currently many non-homogeneous token establishment and issuance frameworks available for developers to use. The most famous of these is ERC-721, which is a standard for issuing and trading non-homogeneous assets on the Ethereum blockchain. As the issuance of non-homogeneous tokens becomes more and more simple, there are more and more such assets in the market, and LISK will also provide a framework for the establishment and issuance of non-homogeneous tokens, and allow developers to create a Custom modules, and add functions to create and purchase NFTs in the blockchain application, and even add custom plug-ins to provide other functions related to non-homogeneous tokens.

Features and examples of non-homogeneous tokens in the LISK framework:

-Each token has unique characteristics/different from others


-Not interchangeable

The real world: paintings or music

Digital tokens: cryptocurrency collectibles (for example, crypto cats), event tickets or other virtual assets

Overview of the application of LISK non-homogeneous tokens

The necessary components to create:

* Non-homogeneous token components (on the blockchain).

*Three new trading assets of non-homogeneous token components.

* Non-homogeneous token plug-in (under the blockchain).

In addition to the blockchain application, the LISK team will also implement a front-end application that allows developers to interact with the blockchain application through the UI in the browser. Through the LISK non-homogeneous token components, developers can create the following non-homogeneous token groups:

*Name: The name of the non-homogeneous token is used as the title.

*Token ID Code: The unique ID code of non-homogeneous tokens.

*Token value: the current value of the token.

*Minimum purchase margin: The minimum margin, in percentages, is added to the token value at the time of purchase.

*Current owner: The current owner of the non-homogeneous token.

* Non-homogeneous token history: the complete owner history of non-homogeneous tokens.

The demand for non-homogeneous tokens in the market will increase with its applicability. LISK based on Java Script coding can bring more convenience, easier, and cheaper to the entire non-homogeneous token ecosystem. Alternative. In addition to the non-homogeneous token LISK, there are also other community projects worthy of attention.

Literally composed of collaborate and Free Lancer, the idea behind it is to connect colleagues together, work together to complete the work provided by the employer, and then integrate the dispute resolution system. Since Collabolancer is built on the decentralized framework on the Lisk-application chain, it can provide additional benefits for all parties and bring out other options that were previously unavailable in a centralized freelance market system. Workers in the existing market need to know that they will be paid, that the employer is legal, and can provide reasonable and safe working conditions. Employers must also ensure that workers are competent for the job, can trust the company to represent them, and will not steal or participate in any fraud or criminal activities.

Blockchain-based solutions can bring more fairness to the system. In this case, the built-in collaboration mechanism rather than a single "bidding" mechanism provides equal opportunities for all members. The Collabolancer proposed by the Lisk community provides a "contract", which includes a project contract, a proposal contract and a team contract. Each contract contains a fund vault and reserves, and everyone can see it. Currently, Collablancer is being built on Lisk SDK v3.0.2. With the release of Lisk SDK v5, the team hopes to develop Collablancer through the latest Lisk SDK standard and bring greater benefits to the project. It is worth emphasizing that the architecture and functions of the Lisk SDK provide the greatest possibility and convenience for the development of blockchain applications without sacrificing the quality and security of its applications.

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