NFT Tech and DigiCol Join Forces to Enhance the NFT Economk

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NFT Tech, an upcoming infrastructure provider for the non-fungible token industry, has recently announced it is forming a strategic collaboration with DigiCol, a one-click NFT marketplace, to engineer the next generation of NFT infrastructure.

Both platforms have established a name in the industry for providing a streamlined experience for artists, collectors, and the crypto-curious. The partnership will focus on aligning goals towards the development of feature-intensive platforms that benefit from the respective unique features of each project.

As part of the collaboration, DigiCol users will gain exclusive access to NFT Tech’s auction features. From a broader perspective, the new next-gen infrastructure proposes to provide a more inclusive marketplace experience for the NFT creators and collectors. It means both NFT Tech and DigiCol NFT creators will now have easy access to auction their artwork on NTF Tech’s infrastructure. The alliance hence opens up significant opportunities to explore unique features that can benefit their users and the NFT community.

In recent times, the NFT trading volume has dropped due to the recent crypto-wide price dips, yet significant improvements are expected as solid infrastructures are deployed, thereby building a thriving NFT economy. Having mainstream artists and even enterprises dip their feet into the NFT realm has done wonders to the industry, and the trend is bound to continue as more protocols launch exciting features.

Moving forward, NFT Tech will be partnering with other prominent market players, joining forces to build a more inclusive, liquid, and easily accessible NFT marketplace for all.

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