New Year's message from Mexico's third richest man: Avoid the legal currency made of lies and buy bitcoins

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Mexico’s third richest person, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, said in a congratulatory message on December 26 that the number of fiat currencies printed by central banks is hitting a new high, and these fiat currencies are all made up of lies. He called on his own 957,200 people. Fans buy Bitcoin (BTC).

Call on fans to stay away from legal currency made up of lies and invest in Bitcoin

Salinas said straightforwardly in the film: Stay away from fiat currency! The US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, the peso... are all the same. They are currencies made up of paper and lies. Central banks now print the highest number of fiat currencies ever.

Then Salinas pointed at the camera and shouted: Invest in Bitcoin!

Salinas’ congratulatory message was recorded by himself and sent to fans, and a caring fan added English subtitles for him to facilitate understanding. Salinas reposted the post and said that he has two other suggestions, namely, staying away from jealous people, because they are of no benefit; and pursuing freedom, innovation, and competition, because this will make human society prosperous.

Salinas also simultaneously retweeted a post by the famous author Holger Zschaepitz (tweeted 207,400 followers), stating that the FED's balance sheet is reaching a record high, which is equivalent to 38% of US GDP. The European Central Bank's 82% and the Bank of England's 133%.

Regarding the above data, Salinas once again emphasized: Fiat currency is a huge scam!

Salinas and cryptocurrency

Salinas revealed at the end of last year that he had entered BTC at a price of US$200 in 2013, praising him as the best investment of his life. He also claimed that up to 10% of personal liquid assets are currently BTC, with an average price of US$9,000. At the beginning of February this year, Salinas followed the example of Tesla founder Musk and changed his Twitter self-introduction to Empresario Mexicano#Bitcoin (Mexico entrepreneur#Bitcoin).

By the end of June of this year, Salinas was uncomfortable with cryptocurrency and announced on Twitter that its Banco Azteca (Banco Azteca) is expected to become the first bank in Mexico to openly accept BTC. Although Mexico’s Monetary Authority urgently refuted that cryptocurrency is not yet legal in the country and any financial institution that rashly tries will be sanctioned, it is still difficult to conceal Salinas’ enthusiasm.

As of the deadline, the BTC quoted price was US$50,710, which continued to fluctuate between 48~51K.

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