NET DeFi and Metaverse Project is the Most Sought After. Now Officially Launched, Rate Increased 388% Within Couple of Hours

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 blockchain project 4JNET gained huge attention long before the launch is broadcast live. 4JNET which is referred to as the “Pinnacle of Fairness” in today’s DeFi industry has opened door to the crypto community by introducing its first offering, the 4JNET DEX. It accompanies the fair launch of the project’s native 4JNET tokens enabling the enthusiastic community to start trading against BNB, with support for other cryptocurrencies in the pipeline.

Community Response

Many Defi projects are supposed to qualify on the principles of openness, transparency and fairness unfortunately not every project follows the principles. Following the launch, the project received a great response as community members actively participated in 4JNET/BNB trades. The price of tokens is rapidly increased by 388% within a couple of hours, signifying the potential for growth in the near future.

The DEX Introducing the DEX is the first step of the 4JNET team towards forming a robust ecosystem.

The project is actively working on creating its Metaverse system which approximately launch on February 2022. NFT solution is the key of Metaverse it allows starting with NFT minting, marketplace, currency and NFT swaps, deposit and withdrawal of digital assets and a lot more to create an end-to-end ecosystem.


Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) play a prominent role in the 4JNET ecosystem, starting with the unique token distribution model which involved the early sale of 5000 limited edition NFTs to the community. The NFTs, referred to as 4Jpass are more than just a digital representation of some art. It is a full-fledged financial instrument that plays a crucial role in the development and expansion of the 4JNET ecosystem.

The 4Jpass holders are the important stakeholders of the project. They are not only receiving a 30% share of the 4JNET tokens but also possess authority in the upcoming Metaverse system. The 4Jpass holders, by registering their identity gain permission for setting competence on the metaverse and participate in transactions without any upper limits. The NFT holders also enjoy discounted fees throughout the ecosystem.

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