NBA Nets star Kevin Durant officially becomes Coinbase spokesperson

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NBA Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant (KD) and its venture capital firm Thirty Five Ventures have established a cooperative relationship with the exchange Coinbase. KD has become its spokesperson. The exchange will also invest funds in the KD Charity Foundation (KDCF) in the future. )middle.

Not just a spokesperson

According to a press release issued by KD’s sports website Boardroom, in addition to KD becoming a spokesperson, Boardroom will become one of Coinbase’s media partners to assist in the release of crypto-related advertisements and sponsored content. Coinbase’s funding terms for the KD Charity Foundation are not Disclosure.

Thirty Five Ventures (35V) will also work closely with Coinbase to produce content including NFT issuance, the empowerment of cryptocurrency to the public, NFT education, and Coinbase's growth in the industry.

The relationship between KD and Coinbase

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong negotiated with 35V as early as 2016. 35V participated in Coinbase's $100 million Series D financing in 2017. 35V co-founder and CEO Rich Kleiman said: With the launch of 35V, KD often negotiates with Coinbase. After negotiations, they invested in our platform, KD and our foundation four years later. I think this is what a good partner looks like. KD rarely endorses a particular brand, which means he is very interested in it.

Kleiman also pointed out that looking at history, good brands will always exist, such as Mercedes, Rolex, American Express, and Coinbase will become a representative company of this era within five years, which is in line with the 35V concept.

Durant also tweeted that he is ready to move on to the next stage.

In October of this year, Coinbase reached a multi-year agreement with the NBA to become a partner of the NBA, WNBA, the Development League, and the exclusive encryption platform. Durant also participated in a $100 million funding round led by a16z in OpenSea's investment in July this year.

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