Musk: Currently Web3.0 is very marketing rather than real, 2051 is like crazy futurism

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Elon Musk, the founder of electric car giant Tesla, tweeted today (20). In addition to posting a video, he also left a message saying: In this almost unimaginable modernity, what will the future look like?

The video released by Musk in his tweet is exactly the footage of Microsoft founder Bill Gates participating in the David Letterman talk show in 1995. At that time, Bill Gates was serious about explaining the application and future development of the Internet, but the interview process was repeatedly hosted. People ridicule, saying that the technology Bill Gates talked about is not much different from the current products.

Then Jason Calacanis, the narrator of the film, said at the end of the clip that it was like I was explaining the Internet to everyone at the time, and the same thing is happening now on Web3.

Subsequently, Musk responded in a tweet, I am not saying that web3 is real, because at the moment, the word is more like a popular slogan for marketing: thinking about the future in 10, 20, 30 years. What it looks like, 2051 sounds like crazy futurism.

Dogecoin co-founder Markus Billy Markus, who often interacts with Musk on tweets, also responded: Yes, web3 is now like web2, except that every digital item in it will become an open market. Part of it, and can be truly owned by users; it is no longer just a centralized concept and its accompanying promises. I just hope people can get smarter and smarter.

Musk Web3 Quotations

Musk, who seems to be looking forward to the future development, does not seem to be very optimistic about the definition and development of Web3. According to previous reports, Musk has repeatedly posted Web3-related remarks on Twitter this month.

On the 2nd of this month, Musk's former president of Y Combinator, Sam Altman, talked about a tweet reply that Web3 may have the same return as in 2010. Web3 sounds like nonsense.

On December 6, Musk even posted a meme comic web3 on Twitter, mocking those who blindly follow web3 supporters.

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