Morgan Stanley: Meta Universe is expected to become a potential market with a market value of 8 trillion US dollars, release 5 beneficial concept stocks

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The issue of meta universe has attracted a lot of attention since Facebook changed its name to Meta, which has rekindled great interest in the concept of virtual world; Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley said that this concept can be To replace the current Internet age, at the same time, for investors, it also means the next huge investment opportunity.

According to Morgan Stanley's November 17 analysis report, Metaverse is expected to become a huge market with a market value of 8 trillion U.S. dollars, and it will soon become a new generation of social media, streaming media and gaming platforms.

Brian Nowak, a top network analyst and managing director of Morgan Stanley, wrote: Like the current digital platform, we expect Metaverse to initially operate as a platform for buying advertisements or as an e-commerce platform for promoting offline products.

In addition, Morgan Stanley is also in the recommendation report, providing several beneficial stocks recommended by the company for future application areas.

Meta universe concept stocks


First of all, Morgan Stanley mentioned the Facebook company Meta (NASDAQ: FB). In addition to the long-term growth prospects of the company’s core business, it also has a strong free cash flow under the investment of billions of dollars to establish the next social network in the near future. It is now quoted at US$342.96.


Morgan Stanley analysts said that the company likes the game company Roblox (NYSE: RBLX) very much. They said that RBLX can use 47 million daily active users and a powerful monetization algorithm to seize the opportunity to launch meta-universe advertising and e-commerce platforms. USD 116.18.

Snap, Alphabet

The company also selected several other stocks that it believes can benefit from the increasing popularity of the meta-universe concept, including those that focus on Augmented Reality (AR), such as Alphabet (NASDAQ, the parent company of the search engine Google). : GOOG) and social media platform Snap (NYSE: SNAP).

Unity Software

Finally, the company also stated that they also like Unity Software, the most widely used production engine in the video game industry. This engine helps companies to create content for the meta-universe field.

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