Microstrategy buys another $82 million BTC! Commentary hearing Bitcoin is the biggest winner

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MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor announced on Twitter on December 9th that the company has increased the amount by US$82 million and bought 1,434 Bitcoins (BTC). The total value of BTC held by the company is approximately US$5.9 billion, after deducting costs. After making a huge profit of 2.2 billion US dollars. In addition, Celer also stated that the biggest winner of yesterday's hearing was BTC, because Congress clearly reached a consensus on supporting cryptocurrencies.

Microstrategy buys another $82 million BTC! Commentary hearing Bitcoin is the biggest winner

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, a US business software company, announced on Twitter on December 9 that he would add another $82 million and buy 1,434 bitcoins (BTC). After this purchase, Micro Strategy currently holds a total of 122,478 BTC (worth approximately US$5.9 billion).

According to official data released by MicroStrategy, this BTC purchase took place from November 29 to December 8, and the average purchase price was US$57,477. This brings the total BTC holdings of the micro-strategy to 122,478, the average purchase price is about 29,861 US dollars, and the total value is about 5.9 billion US dollars. After deducting the purchase cost, it made a huge profit of more than 2.2 billion US dollars.

Data from Bitcointreasuries.net, which monitors the bitcoin holdings of listed companies, shows that micro-strategies continue to be the dominant BTC holdings of listed companies. BTC accounts for an astonishing 95% of the company’s market capitalization, far ahead of Tesla, Square (Block), and Marathon. Digital Holdings, Coinbase Global, etc.

Comment on yesterday's hearing: Bitcoin is the biggest winner!

Regarding the encryption hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives that appeared yesterday, Seiler told the media: I think the biggest winner of the Congressional hearing is Bitcoin. Obviously, Congress has reached a consensus on supporting cryptocurrencies, which also reflects the desire of investors to participate in emerging digital assets.

Sailer pointed out that although cryptocurrencies are facing regulatory pressures and security concerns, he believes that BTC will continue to exist and is an excellent solution: Bitcoin's status as a property, commodity, and store of value does not have any regulatory uncertainty. , We can discuss its volatility and speculative nature, but the regulatory issue really does not need to be said at this point.

Saylor once again emphasized that any description of cryptocurrency as currency is wrong. He believes that cryptocurrency is an asset. The US dollar may become the king of currency, but BTC will be able to store value for more than ten years or even a century.

Saylor said that unless you are a technology monopoly and your cash flow increases by more than 20% every year, there is no hope of holding stocks. Investing in Bitcoin is a coup at this time. It not only makes the company's assets more flexible, but also brings Great gains: We short the US dollar and long BTC. BTC has risen by an average of 160% every year in the past ten years. If it continues to rise, we will pay 1% of interest borrowing in exchange for 160% of income.

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