Metaverse Coins Register Insane Price Gains in 2021, Is Web3 the Next Trend?

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Metaverse coins registered insane price gains, with top performers like Decentraland and The Sandbox rising over 10,000% in price in 2021.

Many wonder what the next crypto hype will be and whether or not Metaverse coins will remain a good investment for 2022.

To clarify what we mean when we say Metaverse coins, we refer to cryptocurrency projects developing some sort of virtual universe that users can interact with. Some of the crypto’s Metaverse space leaders include Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity.

There are many Metaverse projects, some building immersive 5D virtual worlds while others building simple 2D universes. Most Metaverse projects are still in their early stages as it takes a few years to develop a high-quality and functional blockchain-based virtual world.

Since Metaverse coins gained so much in price this year, many wonder if that trend will continue into 2022. While there’s no doubt in my mind that Metaverse projects are going to continue their bullish momentum, it’s unlikely we will see coins like MANA or SAND increase 30,000% in price again.

Metaverse coins make for a great safe bet for 2022 that will make you a hefty profit. However, for those looking for the next 10x or 20x coins, Web3 is an excellent place to start.

Web3 is still quite an early concept. The main idea behind the next-generation internet is how the platforms and apps built on Web3 will be owned by the users without a central server.

The differences between Web2 and Web3 come down to ownership, which requires blockchain technology to achieve.

Web3 also ties into Metaverse projects since hosting a virtual world on a central server would be equivalent to a Web2 platform. Web3 allows Metaverses to be fully distributed and owned by users, which means no central server to rely on.

The best place to look for Web3 coins is on CoinMarketCap. CMC has over 50 Web3 coins listed at the time of writing, which are all worth looking into.

Some of the top valued Web3 coins at the time of writing include Polkadot, Chainlink, Filecoin, THETA, The Graph, Helium, and BitTorrent.

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