Meta: At the end of the year, it invested at least 10 billion U.S. dollars in Meta Universe, related concepts, coins rose more than 200%

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The social giant Facebook changed its name from CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Meta on October 29, declaring its determination to transform. At the Q3 financial meeting on the 25th earlier, Facebook announced that it would invest tens of billions of dollars before the end of the year. In the Yuan universe, it will maintain billions of annual expenditures in the next few years.

According to Reuters, Meta’s Chief Financial Officer David Wehner said at the meeting that the capital injection of Reality Labs, the AR/VR division, will reduce Meta’s net profit in 2021 by approximately US$10 billion. In other words, Meta’s The investment in Meta Universe will reach 10 billion U.S. dollars by the end of the year.

In July of this year, Weiner also told investors at the Q2 financial conference that Facebook (Meta) will invest billions of dollars in AR/VR every year in the future, and Zuckerberg further explained that Metaverse’s business model is still quite Obscure, requires many years and a lot of investment.

Zuckerberg also pointed out at the time that hardware sales will not be the most profitable in the meta universe industry chain: our mission is to serve as many people as possible and make the product price affordable.

Although Zuckerberg admits that RealityLabs will show a loss in the next few years, as he said in the founder’s letter: If you are in Metaverse, what you want is to get follow-up through digital appearance and digital tools. With completely different experiences in reality, Facebook wants to create a meta-universe world with one billion people participating and endless business opportunities in the next ten years.

Meta universe concept coin rises

As the term Meta Universe became widely known by the mainstream public due to Facebook's renamed Meta, hot money has also begun to flood in. The coin circle here lists the five major Meta Universe concept coins that are currently on the rise or whose market value is increasing.


MANA is the token of the blockchain virtual world platform Decentraland. The platform aims to eliminate the problem of intermediary platform commissions for decentralized open source projects, so that creators can obtain higher income and gamers can enjoy it at a low price. content.

MANA surged immediately the day after Facebook changed its name. Yesterday, it surged 122% to an all-time high of US$4.8. The price of MANA temporarily dropped to US$2.7067 before the deadline, but its performance was better than that of ATH in all periods except the same day. , The biggest increase in the past 4 days was 485%.

MANA has reached 3.65 billion U.S. dollars in market capitalization before the deadline, making it the 55th largest cryptocurrency.


ENJ is the token of EnjinCoin, issued by the Singapore company Enjin, aiming to create a virtual treasure trading and community platform. Enjin has been established as early as 2009, with more than 18 million registered people and 250,000 game communities.

ENJ has shown continuous gains from the 25th, and the Meta renamed the next day's increase again, and finally set a record high of 3.499 US dollars on the 31st, a weekly increase of 182.2%.

The current market capitalization of ENJ is US$2.377 billion, making it the 71st largest cryptocurrency.


TheSandbox is a virtual world game, the gameplay is similar to being a Minecraft; in the world of TSB, people can unlock real estate, land, etc. in the game by obtaining NFT. SAND is a token that allows players to participate in governance.

SAND has been running for four consecutive days since the 28th, and on the 31st, it hit a record high of US$2.44443, a rise of 277.27% in four days, and fell back to around US$1.56 before the deadline.

SAND currently has a market value of US$1.377 billion, making it the 98th largest cryptocurrency.


UFOGaming (UFO) is a decentralized interstellar social game token, which belongs to the P2E (play and earn) chain game, and also includes meta universe, virtual world, NFT and other components.

UFO also ushered in a big surge before and after the Meta transformation. It rushed to 0.00003051 US dollars on October 31. The increase was as high as 279.8% in four days, and it closed at 0.00002942 US dollars before the deadline.

UFO currently has a market value of US$761 million, making it the 137th largest cryptocurrency.


STARL is the governance token of Starlink. Starlink is built on Ethereum. It is a 100% community-led decentralized virtual space meta-universe and NFT project. STARL must be used on Starlink to conduct virtual space games and NFT transactions. , Buying and selling space shuttles, cosmic daily necessities and satellite transfers, etc.

STARL started its skyrocketing journey on the 28th as early as possible, rushing all the way to $0.000065 on the 30th, an increase of 361% within 72 hours. Before the deadline, STARL closed at 0.000053501 US dollars.

STARL currently has a market capitalization of US$565 million, making it the 168th largest cryptocurrency.

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