Mercado Bitcoin Acquires $1 Million Stake In Fingerprints DAO

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2TM Group, a partner company of Mercado Bitcoin, acquired a $1 million stake of $PRINTS tokens in the Fingerprints DAO, they announced on an official press release. With this acquisition, the holding company becomes part of “one of the world’s most significant NFT art-focused DAOs.”

The 2TM Group is a holding company based in Brazil that holds Mercado Bitcoin in its portfolio, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America or, as they call it, their “crown jewel”.

On the other hand, Fingerprints DAO focuses on curating and collecting NFT art alongside 250 members. They work as a “token-based digital community” and their leading position “brings together artists, coders, and entrepreneurs eager to push the NFT scene into the future.”

Fingerprints DAO owns a collection of NFT valued at 20,000 ETH, including 26 Autoglyphs, the first digital art pieces “created and stored entirely on the Ethereum blockchain.”, their total price floor being over $1.3 million.

Curators play a great role in shaping NFT collections into a space that can create greater communities of collectors and creators. The members of Fingerprints DAO have put together one of the most prominent collections of “smart contract-based artworks”.

The digital art made by the artists included in the DAO’s collection auctions at Sotheby’s Metaverse, and their website shades light on this current crypto and NFT art movement:

The Collectors shines a spotlight on the people who have championed digital artists and contributed to the digital art space. These collectors are people with deep histories and relationships in the digital art and media space, many of whom have been collecting long before NFTs became a common term and have helped build the ecosystem from the ground up.

Mercado Bitcoin Joins The Rise Of NFTs
It was a successful third quarter of 2021 for NTFS with a trading volume that climbed past $10 billion. As the press release reminded, “The explosion in NFT enthusiasm comes on the back of Beeple raking in $69 million in the world’s first NFT auction by Christie’s in March.”

Roberto Dagnoni, executive chairman and CEO of 2TM Group, stated:

We are curious about the decentralized autonomous organization model and see it as a more open and democratic version of how business is usually conducted. We are also beyond impressed with what Fingerprints has been able to achieve this far, not just adding some of the most striking digital art in its collection, but also rising to prominence as NFT art curators and leaders.

Luiz Ramalho, Founder of Fingerprints DAO, also commented:

We are thrilled to welcome 2TM Group to the ranks of our members. (…) By joining the DAO, 2TM gains exposure to the bustling global NFT scene and gains a chance to explore a novel organization model, which I am sure, will be adopted by more and more communities moving forward into the future.

The NFT market is increasingly growing at a fast pace, having the eyes of renowned celebrities and companies set on it, as well as many enthusiasts joining in. As large crypto exchanges become part of the movement, greater landscapes appear for this soaring community of collectors and creators that is still in the early stages of its large potential.

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