Marathon Digital stock slips after $500M debt offer to buy more Bitcoin, mining machines

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Cryptocurrency miner Marathon Digital's (NASDAQ:MARA) stock slides 2.4% in pre-market trading after the company offers $500M of convertible senior notes due Dec. 1, 2026 in a private offering.
The company intends to use the debt offering proceeds to acquire more Bitcoin (BTC-USD) or Bitcoin mining machines.
The notes will be redeemable for cash at Marathon's (MARA) option at any time, and from time to time, on or after Dec. 6, 2024 and on or before the 21st scheduled trading day before the maturity date, but only if the last reported sale price of MARA stock exceeds 130% of the conversion price for a specified period of time, the company says.
Bitcoin advocate and MicroStrategy Founder and CEO, Michael Saylor, says Marathon's (MARA) debt offering to acquire Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and mining machines "is not factored into anyone's model," he writes in a tweet.

By: Max Gottlich

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