Marathon Digital Expands Compute North Hosting Deal to Over 100K Bitcoin Miners

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According to a statement released last year, compute north and marathon digital extended their hosting agreement to more than 100000 bitcoin mining machines in the United States. These devices will be powered mainly by wind and solar energy.

The agreement is an extension of the 73000 miners custody deal previously reached by the two companies in May last year.

Fred Thiel, chief executive of marathon, said the agreement would make marathon's mining business "not only the largest in North America, but also the most efficient and environmentally friendly".

The deal will enable marathon's mining business to achieve about 77% carbon neutrality.

Some miners are deploying in the existing data center, while others will go online in mid-2022 because compute North has completed the construction of its facilities.

On November 2 of the previous year, marathon said that once all outstanding purchase orders were received, it was expected that about 133000 operating miners would generate about 13.3 exacash per second. The "hybrid" cost of power and custody is about US $0.042 per kWh.

Marathon digital shares rose 6.5% in early trading.

By Aoyon Ashraf

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