Malaysia seizes 1,720 illegal Bitcoin mining machines

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In Malaysia's investigation of illegal use of electricity, 1,720 Bitcoin mining machines were confiscated. After investigating 75 locations, the police found that 30 of them were illegally using electricity to mine Bitcoin.

Malaysian media reported that Malaysian police are fighting major power thefts involving Bitcoin mining. Perak State Police Chief Datuk Miofalida Rashwahid said at a press conference that he would investigate and deal with reports from the public.

The chief of police pointed out that the operation also involved the two departments of the National Energy Corporation (TNB) and the Fire and Rescue Station. He explained:

This operation is the biggest success this year.

He pointed out that according to TNB, the value of the stolen electricity was approximately 2 million ringgits (US$478,870).

The chief of the police said: Of the 75 sites investigated and dealt with, 30 sites were engaged in illegal Bitcoin mining operations. He also added:

1,720 Bitcoin mining machines were seized.

In addition, the police also seized 15 monitors, 22 central processing units (CPUs), 16 keyboards, 7 mice, 56 modems and a laptop computer. And a Toyota Hilux, 44 exhaust fans, 5 alarms and 7 cameras.

The police said that this case is still under investigation to determine the mastermind behind the illegal Bitcoin mining and how long it has been mining.

The police also arrested a 28-year-old property manager on suspicion of engaging in illegal Bitcoin mining and stealing electricity. The chief of police pointed out:

The man has been detained for 4 days and is currently under investigation under Articles 379 and 427 of the Criminal Code and the Electricity Supply Act of 1990.

In July, Malaysian authorities completely destroyed 1,069 Bitcoin mining machines with road rollers. These mining machines were confiscated earlier this year.

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