MagicCraft Brings a New Era of Gaming Metaverse With Exclusive NFTs

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MagicCraft intends to give an innovative turn-based war universe as one of the forthcoming MMORPG games in the blockchain gaming world. Players can earn in-game tokens, acquire awards, and stake them by playing in either the PvE or PvP modes. ‘Castle Sieges’ is the focus of the game. Clans go to the battlefield every week to murder each other, loot castles, and claim the title of King. The spoils of war are awarded in the form of $MCRT to the winners. From the in-game assets (NFTs), players can choose formidable heroes and potent offensive weapons. Depending on the option and level, these assets range from free to premium. The game’s DAO governance token is $MCRT, a Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 token. The token serves as a vital link between the crypto market and the gaming economy. From the Winner’s Reward to the Purchase of In-Game Assets, $MCRT will drive the game’s total commercial activity.

MagicCraft’s founder, James Stock Guru, is a multi-talented industry veteran with 18 years of expertise in business and investing. Semi-retired multi-millionaire with unrivaled crypto and stock market knowledge, analysis, and forecasting skills. On Youtube, he is a professional with a proven track record in daily Bitcoin Price Prediction. Youtube Analyst with a lot of followers that help individuals become effective and profitable traders with his information.

MagicCraft has been created with an influence from World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Lineage-2. It promises massive benefits in terms of both money and valuables to players. People are attracted to the possibility of gaining real-world value by playing a blockchain game for the simple reason that value may be generated while having fun.

Why is MagicCraft revolutionary for gaming and crypto alike?
According to recent market research, the metaverse market opportunity might be worth $800 billion by 2024. The Grayscale analysis that suggests a higher piece of the pie going to virtual gaming, which may potentially expand to $400 billion from about $180 billion in 2020, makes me jump for glee. The internet economy is quickly becoming the ideal location to make money, and everyone is suddenly singing this Lullaby.

Top global gaming studios are working on the game, and the team hopes to deploy a fully integrated NFT Marketplace by the first quarter of 2022. By the second quarter of 2022, an alpha version of the game with PvE and PvP play2earn features will be available. In the end, play-to-earn gaming is more than just a unique take on classic gaming; it’s a means to make money while doing something they enjoy. Furthermore, these kinds of games allow us to conceive a scenario in which people may genuinely make a career in the metaverse. Regular gaming may soon become extinct due to the potential of Play-to-Earn and blockchain.

Some blockchain gaming tokens have surged in value by up to tenfold in the last year due to the current crypto bull run. According to a recent industry survey, almost 3.1 billion people, or about 40% of the global population, play video games. Year after year, gaming surpasses the music and film industries in terms of revenue, generating more than both combined. All of this creates the potential for a new world, a new economy, and new opportunities.

MagicCraft intends to build a transparent Play-To-Earn economy for gamers, where they may earn a consistent income from their abilities and time spent playing. People spend anything from 5 minutes to 2 hours each day playing games, and MagicCraft wants to provide them the option of turning games into a source of cash in addition to being a source of fun. With the promise of Play-To-Earn, crypto gaming is definitely the next gold rush for gamers, and MagicCraft is committed to providing them with all of the tools they’ll ever need to cash in.

MagicCraft Ecosystem and Tokenomics
The community bought the whole lot of 300,000,000 tokens available for presale in $MCRT’s IDO in a stunning fashion, and the $MCRT IDO presale was filed well within time. The event was a success, with $MCRT selling out its Soft cap schedule for 2000 BNB in less than a day. Those who missed out on the spectacular presale are trying to get their hands on the new token on Dextools, Pancake-Swap, and Bitmart Exchange.

The successful launch has led crypto enthusiasts to believe that $MCRT is more than just another token project, but one with great potential, value, and utility in the crypto space. With over a million interactions on Twitter and Telegram, the successful launch has led crypto enthusiasts to believe that $MCRT is more than just another token project, but one with great potential, value, and utility in the crypto space. With $MCRT already trading far above its presale value and mass acceptance expanding at an exponential rate,

Within MagicCrafts NFT Marketplace, $MCRT will be accepted as a universal currency. The unit used to price and trade commodities in the ecosystem will be $MCRT. By staking MCRT to the MagicCraft ecosystem and stacking it, MCRT holders will be able to earn money. Our stakeholder model prioritises community participation. Holders will be obliged to offer some active activities, such as utilising platform services, safeguarding the network, engaging in governance, providing liquidity, and so on, as big benefits come with greater responsibilities.

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