LINE NFT market will be online next year! Open to Japanese users, able to exchange NFT settlement in Japanese currency

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The Japanese communications giant LINE issued a press release on its official website yesterday (15), announcing that the products of the company's blockchain specialist subsidiary LVC Corporation will expand the NFT Market Beta function next spring and launch the Line NFT platform.

With the new function of Line NFT, Line users can send NFTs to friends on the platform, publish and sell NFTs on the Line blockchain through a one-stop platform, and re-circulate and resell them through the market. The profit of the resale is also Will be assigned to creators when they are sold.

Ways to purchase

In addition to buying NFT with its platform currency, LINK, Bitmax, a cryptocurrency exchange owned by Line, users can also choose to pay in Japanese currency, so that users who are not familiar with crypto assets can also experience NFT together. The purchased NFT will then be stored in the LINE BITMAX wallet.

The official Twitter of Line Blockchain also stated on the 15th: LINE NFT will be launched next spring! The upgraded version of NFT Market Beta will be released next spring under the name of LINE NFT, which will be a complete NFT market. This feature is limited to Japanese users.

Line continues to lay out the blockchain field

LINE established the LINE Blockchain Lab as early as 2018, dedicated to research and development in the blockchain field. In addition to announcing the establishment of the exchange BitBox, LINE launched its own blockchain Line Blockchain and its native token Link in the next month. Two other DApps were launched soon after month, named 4Cast and Wizball.

LINE established the cryptocurrency exchange BITMAX the following year. In addition to allowing users to log in to the exchange through the LINE software, it also combined with its LINE Pay payment function, allowing users to more easily purchase a total of five cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC).

In August 2020, LINE launched the LINE Blockchain Developers blockchain development platform and the BITMAX Wallet e-wallet; it not only benefits developers, but also provides simple and effective ways to create blockchain services and provides users with another management number. Choice of asset wallet service.

In September of this year, it announced the launch of the NFT collection of Line Friends' cartoon characters and presented it to 600,000 Japanese users who successfully answered correctly during the event.

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